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I’m not the first parent to say, “my kid is getting too old, too fast,” or, “he grew overnight!” But I feel like I can officially be grouped into the nostalgic parent club.

945552_10101220866131488_1068542644_nTonight is the second night of introducing the bed rail. I took off one side of his crib yesterday, and thankfully we have had no issues thus far. It’s weird to think about how high the crib setting was just two short years ago. And at school, Wes has transitioned into the early twos class. The new kids in his former class look reeeeeally young. He was a champ today and “talked” about his day all the way home.

Even though most people have recommended we wait to potty train until he is closer to age 3, Wes is showing more and more interest in the whole process of going to the bathroom. He understands where the urine comes from, that Mom and Dad also “go potty,” and that he is still to young to use the toilet, so he potties in his diaper. He gets it. I don’t know how, but one day something clicked with him. With all these new changes happening at once, I find myself living with a little boy – not a baby.

I really enjoy watching Wes grow up. I don’t wish him younger, and I certainly don’t miss the early days of confusion and sleepless nights of anxiety. That’s not to say that I didn’t like baby Wes – I just have made an effort to enjoy each stage of his life as best I can. However, tonight I’ve reminisced about little gurgles, spit up and tiny hands that used to be part of our daily routine.

We have a neighborhood-wide yard sale day this weekend, and I’m planning to get rid of some things sitting in our basement and closets. I am detaching myself from lots of baby gear and doing much better at lending things to families with new babies, but there’s still many things not being used. Big tubs of  baby and little boy clothes are filled to the brim, and they keep getting put in the sale pile and then taken out. I’ve even gone through half of the clothes and separated the pieces I just have to save, thinking that will help me justify selling the rest. But there’s still this weird feeling of saying goodbye.

I don’t want to be attached to stuff. Truly, I have everything I need to survive and then some. So why do I hesitate so much about the baby stuff? I mean, even if we do have another kid, all this stuff is replaceable, right? We’re not planning on kid 2 at all. At this point, we’re happy as a family of 3 and will leave the future plans to the guy upstairs. I do think (often) about another child, but it’s time I continued to live as normal and give my existing kid the love and parenting he needs and deserves.

I’m kinda excited to share my summer months with a little boy. And Steven has been waiting for these days since, well, forever. So, I guess now’s the time when I say something cliche, like, “can’t we just freeze time?”

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Posted: June 3rd, 2013
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