The Fourth

Last year at this time, I was hugely pregnant and we had spent the afternoon visiting our friends in the hospital – who had just given birth to Wes’ bestie Beatrice. Steven and I decided that since they couldn’t celebrate the Fourth past the view from the hospital window, we’d bring the festivities to them.

This year, we have a nearly one-year-old son. Crazy how just a year can change so many things! It’s not been as festive as it could be, but we have many years to enjoy our day of patriotism and freedom. Here’s how we’ve spent the day:

This door OPENS?!

Woke up at the usual time. I swear, the dogs are worse than Wes about sleeping in. All I did was turn to scratch my nose and they jumped out of bed and were ready to start the day. No kidding. And of course Wes is a light sleeper and hears them bounding down the hardwood floors every morning, including today’s… so we were up at 6:30.

Wes played and discovered new things about the living room while Steven and I enjoyed coffee and the marvelous sun that comes through our big picture window. Wes was so excited to have us both home that he didn’t nap well after breakfast – 45 minutes tops. Instead, we walked to one of our favorite local spots for a late breakfast, Historic Steer-In (was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in 2010!), where Wes munched on pancakes and tater tots. After another failed afternoon nap, we headed to a friends’ board game-and-BBQ party. Great fun, but Wes was feeling the effects of not sleeping, so we headed back home and put him to bed before 7 p.m.


So much for a trip downtown to see the fireworks! We’ll be watching them on TV tonight in our jammies and snuggling with the dogs. No beating traffic or trying to find port-a-potties until next year.

Thank you, veterans, for allowing me the freedom to spend my day relaxing with wonderful people. My family appreciates it greatly, and it should be expressed more than just once a year.

Posted: July 4th, 2012
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Comment from C Proven - July 5, 2012 at 3:33 pm

Great story!! Dave had to work so I brought him homemade lemon m. pie from a cookout with friends..
Watched the TV fireworks also! dave and Kylie going camping to Old Forge for a vaca next week..
I’m going to North Carolina to a baby shower!!
Busy July!! lol


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