The Dog Bed

I started it. Before we were married, I lived in an apartment with my dog, Jake. He was just a cute little rescued puppy at the time, and I desired his companionship. Once, when I was sick, I let him sleep with me in bed, and he never went back into his crate at night. Enter married life – I wasn’t about to change this, so we got used to Jake sleeping around my legs at night.

Then we found and rescued 6-month-old Lucy, who was scared at night and just wanted our company. It was Steven this time, who allowed her into our already full queen bed.

Usually the beginning of the night is fine, when we’re all just getting into bed and falling asleep. But somehow these dogs have some uncanny way to unfurl from a tight little ball to monstrous bed-hoggers.

Impressed by my Photoshop skills? Oh yeah. If you haven’t yet seen How To Be A Dad, check out this great series called “Baby Sleep Positions.”

Posted: March 3rd, 2012
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