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Wii are fit to be had

So my birthday was yesterday (yes, also Mother’s Day), and I’ve decided that I want to spend my birthday earnings on a Wii Fit. I’ve scoured ebay, and craigslist for the past couple days and it’s a ridiculous commodity! People are wanting your own arm and leg for USED pieces of equipment!

New (and in-store), the game and board is about $89, but some of these listings are way above and beyond $100. And then, of course, they are “slightly used.”

I keep hoping I’ll find a good deal for about $60 or so, but it’s not really a hopeful thought. It’s amazing to me that the game – and even the Wii consule itself! – is still so highly sought after, even a year into the beginning retail sales. I’m a terrible ebay-er, so I guess I’llĀ  have to just put my name on a waiting list at my local Best Buy…

In other news, Steven and I went to paint pottery with the folks at Joy’s House. I had a great time painting a water pitcher and conversing with my new fellow employees. I’ve loving every aspect of my new job right now, and apparently it shows. Steven laughs at my beaming personality these days.

Posted: May 11th, 2009
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