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We Are Okay

If it seems quiet over here, you can catch a few posts I’ve written on milk banking and breast pumps, but yeah, we’re still around.

May the Fourth Star Wars fundraiser event

I’m a terrible cold season survivor, and life’s everyday decisions seem SO MUCH HARDER when the sun is hiding. But we’ve managed to find joy among them!

If I look back at my January resolutions, I cringe a little. Work/life balance is a struggle, and it’s especially hard to transition to part-time work and then to part-time work-from-home work. Teetering between priorities, that old friend, guilt, hovers and lingers.

I said I’d say “no” more often. So difficult for a “yes” person who only wants to be helpful and avoid conflict. But, after a few tough situations, I am learning to dig in my heels and do what’s best for my family.

Maisie’s baby dedication Sunday

With so many changes and adjustments in 2018, I needed to find community and accountability. We started regularly attending a different church in October, and like any new environment, it’s taken a while to settle in. However, with my flexible schedule, I’ve been able to be a part of a mother’s group within the church, which is refreshing and encouraging. And I can’t say enough about our neighborhood. It’s wonderful to have friends down the street who look after you so well.

Date night shenanigans

How’s Steven? These days he’s grateful to open the windows and turn off the heat. He secretly loves cold, dark weather and is starting to complain about summer approaching, but for now, he likes the cooler evenings and spring air. He and Wes share a love of rain and thunderstorms, and they looooove watching Interstellar. I mean, it’s on nearly every Friday night. (Friday night is our sacred family time with homemade pizza, sometimes breadsticks and a movie past bedtime.) Steven is home from business travel for a while before more fundraising conferences start to pop up again.

How’s Wes? Well, first grade has been challenging. Not academically, no, but his friendly demeanor has gotten him into occasional trouble. He serves in a leadership role in his classroom, and he doesn’t like the responsibility. (We’ve had many discussions about Moses, the reluctant leader.)

He is quickly progressing in Taekwondo, and when he’s not too busy goofing off or tired, he is very good at his form and continues to get stronger. In fact, he just passed his promotion test the other day and now wears a light blue belt (white-> yellow-> orange-> light blue-> green-> purple-> brown-> red-> dark blue-> black).

He speaks top-notch Spanish, reads and spells at an advanced level, wants a career as an artist and loves his sister well.

How’s Maisie? The little nugget is petite, fair and charming. She was hitting milestones left and right until recently and seems to be in a comfortable rut. She can get around by spinning and pushing backwards, and sometimes she’ll get on all fours and rock, but no crawling yet.

She signs “milk” and “dog.” She loves solid foods (I still enjoy making baby food!) and is perfecting fine motor skills to pick up puffs and soft, melty baby crackers. She prefers to “comfort-nurse” instead of true breastfeeding, so I’ve been pumping-to-bottle more often and combating terrible milk blisters, blebs and clogged ducts.

Her pediatrician is watching her weight, but isn’t yet alarmed. She may have doubled her birth size, but she’s nearly half of gigantic, 8-month-old Wesley! Maisie’s new babble is “bop,” she discovered clapping, and she likes to drop items from a height. Her bright, sometimes goofy-looking smile features two front, bottom teeth.

What about the sleeping trouble? Regarding Maisie, it’s still challenging to get her to nap throughout the day, but she’s become a rock-solid night sleeper. She definitely parties hard before bedtime — eating a ton, nonstop wiggling and squealing — and then crashes.

Wes moans and groans about being left alone in the dark, but he’s better. Melatonin helps tremendously when needed, and I usually cuddle in with him under his bed tent until he gets sleepy enough that I can leave without protest.

I’m coming out through a wintery, end-of-rainy-season/tunnel, and we’re alright. We are okay. (Bring on the sunshine!)

Easter 2019

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Enter Sandman

Exit light | Enter night
Take my hand |We’re off to never-never land

Dreaded Sleep. Everyone I live with is terrible at it. She may be cute as a peach, but Maisie is the worst at night, and daytime naps are a gamble. Wesley has “a scary imagination,” in his own words, which keeps him from resting peacefully. Some nights he’s up for two hours trying to settle himself into slumber. Steven is the lightest sleeper you’ve ever known, startling at any noise (ahem, my snores) and tossing around.

Every night I pray for stamina and endurance and to not get annoyed. I’ve adapted enough that either I 1) drift off quickly (and have one ear open) or 2) function enough on adrenaline to get by. But lately I feel like my life is spent trying to get these three people to sleep, and I’ve tried SO MANY PRODUCTS to survive aid us.

The Natural Baby Sleep Solution (fascinating and pretty accurate)
The Wonder Weeks (just as helpful as with Wesley!)

Angel Dear lovies (Wes named his “Didi” and so naturally that’s what Maisie will call hers)
Cloud B Twilight Turtle (Wes still sleeps with it at night)
Weighted blanket (A perfect Christmas present! Seems to work well!)
Nested Bean Zen Classic weighted swaddle
Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit (it’s helping, a little)

DreamTents bed tent (makes him feel cozy and safe)
Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother (seems to be more distracting than soothing)
Marpac Dohm sound machine (hands down the best)

RMO Counting Sheep essential oil roller (if nothing else, he smells good)
Lavender essential oil in a difuser
Nuby Soothing teething tablets
Melatonin (so far, this has helped Wes tremendously, but I am cautious about its regular use)

This list looks crazy long. While some things work for a time, the one thing that works every time is, well, time. And proximity. That is, every family member sleeps if they’re physically touching me.

We’re trying a secondary self-soothing technique for Maisie, since I can’t handle another night of crying-it-out. (Steven wins all the awards for his stubbornness. It’s because of ME that we’re even in this mess!) It involves fading – staying right by her side as she falls asleep and slowly moving further away each night. I haven’t yet made it past the crib because she loves holding my hand and trying to grab the hair that falls as I lean into her crib.

My aching back and nearly-numb limbs get a good stretch as I make my way back to our bedroom throughout the night – sometimes as many as four times.

And then there’s sweet Wesley, who hates to be alone, fears the dark and works himself up over strange outside noises. Steven helps get him ready for bed, and I’ll pop in to say goodnight after Maisie’s stable. Some nights it’s thirty minutes before I can calm her down, and I’ll later find Wes with a book and a flashlight.

“Mama, can you stay with me?”

He prefers that I crawl into his bed tent with his comforting lights and weighted blanket and stuffed animal friends and pray and talk until he gets drowsy. Some of the best conversations happen under that tent! I used to get so upset over his dependence; I now (usually) cherish this time.

After I’ve comforted the two kids, there’s hardly an evening left for me to enjoy. Many nights I don’t have the right attitude and grumble over the sacrifice. I sigh and complain and throw the bedcovers to the side. I pray with desperation and plead, “PLEEEEEEASE let us sleep tonight!”

Instead my focus should be praying for discernment. I recently heard a speaker share a few best practices for mothers. Turn my worries into prayers. “What do I do now?” becomes “Show me how to _____ “

This season will pass. Someday. My kids will likely never know how their concerned mother worried over their sleeping habits. I hope they only know how well we loved them.

[With wisdom and understanding] 24 When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet. -Proverbs 3:24

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Dirty Boy Smell

Photo 1 (1)

Snuggling with a not-so-happy Jake

One of my favorite new scents is the sweet, sticky smell of sweat and dried slobbery boy-just-woken-up. It’s a horrendously pleasant scent that I have come to associate with a whole new dimension of love.

As the new year begins, I’ve been able to inhale that scent many times. The last few weeks have been wonderful – staying home, lounging, snuggling – but these habits in between Christmases and traveling have made Wesley’s sleep patterns completely off-kilter. During these two weeks, some days he’ll nap 3 hours and be super cuddly the rest of the day. Inhale scent. Other days, he’ll fuss and scream and/or talk to himself for an hour in bed. Team no nap! 

This week, in particular, he’s had lots of trouble going to bed at night. Typically he’s exhausted after a full day of school, and he usually is ready for bed shortly after dinner and watching “Brian.” That’s Brian Williams. He loves that guy. And has been very disappointed that he is on vacation over the holidays. “Where’s Brian?!” Anyway. It’s been a week of restlessness and stalling and crying from the bedroom. He actually STAYED UP for New Year’s, which is crazy, and was up nearly that long last night until he finally fell asleep with me in our bed, post-Benadryl.

But, “since we’ve no place to go” (it’s snowing today), I really don’t mind that he’s wanting/needing extra attention so much. Oh, I know next week is going to be rough as we adjust back to normal routine, but I’ve enjoyed spending precious moments rocking and holding my little boy. He is too long for my lap, so we have to get creative these days. My favorite is squeezing in his little crib-sized toddler bed and whispering secrets to each other. Sometimes we recite whole verses of Jingle Bells in a hushed voice. I breathe in the scent of tired kid and it relaxes me enough to dose off right alongside that boy.

It’s been a great winter break. If nothing else, it’s shown me my New Year Resolution. I’m going to be an attentive mom for my son. I will listen and be available. Not that he will be spoiled, but he will know that he can confide in his parents as he continues to grow. It does me well, too. He helps me keep my head on straight. That pleasant dirty scent may not always appeal to me – especially once hormones change! – but right now, it’s delightful.

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Two, Spew and the 2-hour Tantrum

photo (6)He’s really a good kid. His teachers tell me, unprompted, that he’s an entertaining and mostly obedient child in their class. And he makes friends much more easily these few months. But I tell you what. He’s definitely TWO.

Because Halloween evening’s weather was the pits, the city moved treat-or-treating to the following night, which was yesterday. Our office closed early both days, so I was excited to spend the afternoon with my buddy. Steven left early yesterday morning for a weekend-long business trip, and I was thinking how fun it’d be to get a Papa Murphy’s pumpkin pizza and pass out candy to the neighbor kids.

I finished some errands before heading to Wes’ preschool. His class was still sleeping, so I waited a few minutes until he woke up to make sure he was good and rested for the evening. “Hi, Mama!” Seriously, he kills me with his over-excitedness to see me out of his ordinary schedule. On the way home we talked about pumpkins and what to eat for dinner. (Usually chicken nuggets is suggested from the back seat.)

Since it was too early to eat when we got home, I thought it would be fun to watch some annoying, kid-friendly Halloween shorts on Netflix. Wes wasn’t interested in any of the crackers or snacks I brought out for him, which I thought was weird. We watched a few minutes of Thomas the Train Spooky Stories, and then, out of the blew, Wes vomited all over the couch. It’s the first time I ever saw him throw up. Ever.

The poor kid was so distraught and confused. I took him to the bathroom to hose him off a little and console him. I cleaned up the couch, and he seemed normal enough, so we watched a few more minutes of Thomas. Mistakenly, I gave him a package of fruit snacks that he quickly gobbled up. Within minutes, there was another watery mess on the floor to clean up. The weird thing was the consistency of the vomit – mostly water. I figured he would soon get dehydrated if this continued, so we packed up to get some Pedialyte, and guess what? I was the mom with a spewing kid in a store isle!

Weirdly enough, we made it through the majority of the evening pretty well. I didn’t know what this kid HAD, so not only was I responsible for a public vomit-mess, I was also the person with lots of candy and no porch lights on. I felt so guilty every time a group of kids came on our porch. I felt like I was hiding from salesmen or Mormon missionaries. And now what do I do with all this chocolate?! Now I realize the enormity of the Halloween candy haul problem. IT WILL GET EATEN.

We hunkered down and watched Dumbo – mainly to distract Wes enough during the 15 minute intervals between small Pedialyte dosages. He was sooooo thirsty and whined for “MORE WATER.” I knew he would guzzle down too much and spew it back up if I let him, so it seemed like a very long movie. All was pretty well until he got up to go to bed… and you can guess. Ugh. #4.

Now here comes the part where I say he’s “definitely two.” See, typcially, Wes is super easy to put down for bed. And he was again last night. He brushed his teeth happily and laid down and repeated all the words of my prayer, as usual. I went back into the living room to eat some candy and actually have dinner (since I felt bad he couldn’t), and enjoyed a little “me” time. But around 10:30, he whined enough for me to check in on him. Instead of going back down, as he usually does, he sat straight up and refused to go back to bed. Maybe it was because Steven wasn’t home, or maybe he just felt awful – or both, really – that for the next TWO HOURS STRAIGHT he screamed, cried, wriggled, and nearly lost his voice in defiance.

I’ve been offering choices to Wes over the last few months to help him feel like he has a little more control – though he is actually doing something under mine. So for what seemed an hour, I calmly explained that I could see he was upset, but that it was time for bed and why it was important, blah blah and gave him the choice to go to bed 1) in his room or 2) in my bed, with me. I really thought this would be a no-brainer, even though I really didn’t want to give him the option to sleep with me. Instead, this only prolonged his full-blown tantrum. I tried everything. Putting him back into his bed and letting him cry with fingers crossed he would eventually fall asleep (nope, only worsening screams), holding him in bed with me as he tossed and wrangled, letting him throw a fit on my bedroom floor, thinking it would be ok if he fell asleep there (nope), offering more “water,” putting him in time out…

I mean seriously. It was almost 1 a.m., and I considered strapping him into his carseat and driving to my parents’ house. I almost expected to hear a knock on my door from how loud and how LONG he screamed bloody murder. I’ve never seen anything like this from him. Of course I wondered if maybe delirium was possible from dehydration and if I should take him to the ER… everything crossed my mind.

Finally I broke. I looked at Wes and started sobbing. Through tears, I told him I didn’t know how to solve his problem, but that I loved him. And that I was sad and tired. I set him down and walked to my bedroom. He stopped screaming, followed me down the hallway, raised his arms up and snuggled into bed with me.

From toddler kicks and jolts throughout the night, I obviously didn’t sleep well. I cried silently at various times and found myself wishing Steven was home. I wasn’t mad at Wes, but I was upset with myself that I couldn’t resolve the tantrum. But maybe that’s the point?

For as bad as a night it was, I woke up to little pudgy hands tracing the shape of my cheek and touching my nose to a whispered, “beep, beep.” The smile on his face this morning was priceless.

Here’s hoping tonight is a little smoother, but thankfully we had a successful naptime today. You know, I’m learning so much as a parent. It truly is the most challenging thing I’ve ever attempted. I may not be getting straight A’s, but I don’t think I’m failing. At least, based on his loving gestures and our breathy in-bed chats from this morning, Wes doesn’t think so!

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I know technically Sunday is the beginning of the week, but I’m adopting today into the weekend and saying that tomorrow, Monday, is officially next week. And I’m so ready for it.

This week has been one for the birds.

Monday started just fine, and I actually thought, “we’ve made it almost 3 weeks since Wes was last sick!” I jinxed myself and soon after received a phone call that Wes developed a 102.3 degree fever at daycare and needed to be picked up. As I was driving to get him, I received a text message from Steven that bombs went off at the Boston Marathon finish line. My immediate response was for him to check in with our friend Jonathan, whose sister was running that morning. (Thankfully, she is ok.) We watched the news in horror that evening.

The next morning, Steven’s car didn’t start. (And we JUST spent $$$$ on preventative car maintenance!) It worked out, since I had to keep Wes home with a fever, anyway, for Steven to drive the other car. It’s currently still sitting in his work parking lot after it stalled again later in the week.

After a suuuuuper long day Thursday, we were ready for the end of the week. More terrible reports on the news that evening regarding a fertilizer explosion in a small town in Texas. 15 dead, hundreds wounded and missing. Friday morning we awoke to a buzz of overnight developments regarding the Boston marathon bomber suspects. We caught a little of the updates, then broke for one of Wesley’s last First Steps PT sessions (another post, another time). During physical therapy, Steven became feverish and I knew he had picked up what Wes had earlier in the week. We all cuddled in bed, watching the entire Boston area on lockdown. Scary. So, so awful.

Wes typically gets so worn out from PT that he was ready for an early nap. The rest of the morning was spent in feverish fits and breaking news. We finally tore ourselves away from the TV for the afternoon so that Steven could get ample rest. While we did very little on Saturday, I feel like we exhausted ourselves by sickness and national terror, then celebration as the second suspect was brought into custody.

None of us slept well Saturday night, which was the one thing we all needed to get back on our feet. Poor Wes hasn’t been diagnosed yet with asthma or specific allergies, but we have treated his flair ups as such. The best way to alleviate constant coughing from drainage, which then causes wheezing and difficulty of breathing, is to sleep upright in a chair. Needless to say, it’s not very comfortable for either of us. Steven actually spent the night in the basement to try to catch some zzz’s, though his fever kept him from resting regardless.

And today? I purposely left Steven at home while Wes and I went to church followed by lunch out. The hope was that he would be able to finally sleep. Not so. But! At least I got the little guy tired enough to rest for 3 hours this afternoon. It’s now Sunday evening, and I’m ready, so very ready to say goodbye to this week.

My heart and prayers go out to all the families affected in the neighborhoods of West, Texas, Watertown, Cambridge and surrounding Boston areas, and I thank the families of the first responders and police forces for sending their loved ones out to protect the people. And all the volunteers and doctors and nurses treating the wounded. This country may have its hiccups, but there is no shortage of giving people – especially in a time of crisis and emergency.

Cheers to a better week, all.

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8 months

8.5 months

Nearly 3 weeks late, I finally took photos of Wes at 8 months old. It’s probably because Months 7-8 have been my favorite thus far and I’ve been too busy playing with the cute little guy. Wes is sleeping really well – both at night and at nap times – and it makes a world of difference in his mood. He has been happy, playful and super entertaining the last 6 weeks. He loves his parents, his dogs and his grandparents. He recognizes people he sees on a regular basis, and he greets almost everyone with an adorable, toothy grin.

This weekend has been Drool City because the top front teeth have begun their emergence. I can already glimpse what cute smiles await in the very near future!

We’re still battling Operations Rollover and Crawl. Tummy time is pretty much Wes’ least favorite thing in the whole world. The good news is that he will slooooowly inch backwards with his arms, and he will tolerate – and even rock slightly – when helped onto his knees. I told a friend recently that I can’t even fathom dealing with the really difficult issues of Wes’ childhood & adolescence… this is hard enough!

Several other pieces of news to share from the Shattuck household in a later post, but until then, enjoy Photo Shoot 8!

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The Dog Bed

I started it. Before we were married, I lived in an apartment with my dog, Jake. He was just a cute little rescued puppy at the time, and I desired his companionship. Once, when I was sick, I let him sleep with me in bed, and he never went back into his crate at night. Enter married life – I wasn’t about to change this, so we got used to Jake sleeping around my legs at night.

Then we found and rescued 6-month-old Lucy, who was scared at night and just wanted our company. It was Steven this time, who allowed her into our already full queen bed.

Usually the beginning of the night is fine, when we’re all just getting into bed and falling asleep. But somehow these dogs have some uncanny way to unfurl from a tight little ball to monstrous bed-hoggers.

Impressed by my Photoshop skills? Oh yeah. If you haven’t yet seen How To Be A Dad, check out this great series called “Baby Sleep Positions.”

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7 months

Two new (unfortunate) things have developed in the last week and since Wes turned 7 months old.

1) Wes gets overwhelmed. His babysitter has been saying this for a while, but I hadn’t witnessed it until recently. If he is around kids older than him or if there is more than one or two rambunctious children nearby, he becomes super clingy and irritable. Adult company and quiet(er) kids are fine.

2) Scream-crying. Usually this starts when he is hungry and happens to see a bottle (full or empty) within his line of sight. Solid foods, at this point, are useless, and you better shove a bottle in his mouth as soon as physically possible, or else you’ll regret it.

Last night he went to bed as normal. He gets tired soon in the evening and quickly turns into a pumpkin. Thankfully, he can put himself to sleep easily anywhere between 6:30-7:30 p.m., and in this case, he was asleep by 6:15. It worked out well because I had plans to get together with friends for a movie night – I even stayed out way past my usual bedtime, and he was still sound asleep until the scream-crying started at 2 a.m.

Now, he has always woken up 2-3 times each night, but easily falls back asleep with my coaxing or nursing. I went in to do my usual routine, and he settled back down for 5 minutes and began crying again. After 3 more attempts over the next hour, I gave up and brought him into bed with us. This worked for about 40 minutes, but to avoid a lengthy story, we didn’t sleep much.

Guess it’s time to seriously tackle the night waking issue. And those ear plugs that I bought during sleep training will now get used. I am so thankful that he puts himself to sleep at the beginning of the night and has a fairly consistent nap schedule. Here’s hoping this works in our favor and it doesn’t take much to get over this bump in the road.

On a lighter note, check out these adorable photos of Wes at 7 months! He continues to be a happy, pleasant, laid back kid – provided he’s near his mom & dad, food and gets ample sleep. 😛

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4 Chunky Months

When rolls are cute

Just back from our 4-month check up. Our big 19.3 lb boy is still in the 97th percentile for weight, 75th for height and 25th for head circumference. The nurses all chuckle at his beefy legs and belly. Oh, my little monster!

So how’s the sleep coming along, you ask? Meh. We had a good run, but enter birthdays, friend visits and holidays and whadda’ya know – we’re back to (nearly) square one. At least he’s still sleeping IN his crib, but it’s getting harder and harder to get him to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Pediatrician said it’s time to let him get himself to sleep. And yes, that means several nights of crying. Sigh. This goes against all my maternal instincts, but I realize that he needs to learn to self-soothe or we may well be battling this sleep nonsense for years. I bought some earplugs on the way home from the appointment.

I feel a little sorry for our friends who stay with us during the Thanksgiving weekend every year. I guess we’ll all be combating nighttime crying together, which is only appropriate, since they’re Wes’ godparents and all. At least I don’t have to endure it alone, and maybe I’ll get distracted enough not to succumb to crying myself!

Here’s hoping that come Thanksgiving Day, I can be thankful for a sleeping child. I am blessed and grateful for a stinkin’ cute kid, regardless. I mean, how darling are his 4 month photos?

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Bootcamp: Final Night 10 & Recap (Graph)

Whew! We made it. We’re still slightly sane, too! Ok, I’ll get right to the night’s stats before I delve into my thoughts about the journey. First, let me recap Day 10. I had to work on Saturday, so I knew after the crazy-wake-up-every-two-hours night before might have done detrimental damage to Steven’s baby duty. Correct. Via text message from Steven, it was “Apocalypse.”

Apparently Wes didn’t sleep more than 20 minutes the ENTIRE day. Whoops. Might be because the one swaddle that works was in the laundry. Or maybe it’s because he was severely sleep deprived from Night 9. Whatever the case, the day was a wash, and I knew he’d be crank central for the nighttime routine. Somehow – truly, only by the grace of God – I found enough creative ways to keep him awake until, get this – 6:30! No way, right?! WAY.

  • 6:30-7:00 p.m. Bottle, bath, jammies, singing. Out within a half hour. This is getting really easy. Dare I even say that?
  • 9:30 p.m. Night chatting begins, but he gets himself back to sleep. We ended up putting ourselves to bed as well… We’re getting lame.
  • 11:30 p.m. Wes woke up hungry. He fell asleep a few minutes after nursing.
  • 3:00 a.m. Another round of night chatting, but he was back asleep after a few minutes.
  • 4:30 a.m. Hungry!
  • 6:00 a.m. Wes was up for the day. We let him squeal and coo for several minutes before I picked him up and brought him in bed with us. I let him nurse and giggle before turning on the light at 7.
  • 7:00-8:00 a.m. A nice, leisurely morning as a family. Lots of smiles and laughs – what could be better?

Sleep-in-Crib Hours: 10:15

Total Sleep Hours: 11:00


Nights in Hours

Overall, I think we did a fairly decent job tackling one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Yes, I’m serious. It was difficult. They don’t publish a million books on sleep training for nothing. But, I’m so glad I made up my mind to endure the restless nights, the first terrible ones, especially, because I now feel less inclined to jump at his every noise, and I know that he’s getting far better rest at night in his own room.

We still have a ways to go, as he continually wakes 3-4 times each night. Thankfully we have his 4-month check up next week, so I can get good feedback from the pediatrician.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. If nothing else, I’m pleased with the one, consistent result: HE SLEEPS IN HIS CRIB. And he doesn’t fuss about it any more. Daytime crib sleep is still a bit of a challenge, but the hardest days are over.

Thanks, again, to everyone offering up prayers, support and words of encouragement. It’s helped tremendously. I feel like if I can do this, I can probably get through most parenting woes – however, you may see me blog about those incidents in order to cope!

I deserve a Salted Caramel Mocha at Starbucks. And Steven has his wife back.

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