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Dear Wesley

A letter to my almost one-year-old.

Dear Wesley,

I sit down to write type this letter and have no words to describe just how much we love you. Literally, I’m at a loss for words.

This year has flown by, but yet each day has passed slowly so that we can savor every moment with you. Your smile is contagious, when you’re not busy discovering or studying whatever is in front of you. When it’s just you, me, daddy and the doggies, you are happy and relaxed and easy to please. You’re very much like your father that way – homebodies (homebuddies?).  I imagine it may become a struggle to get you two out of the house in years to come.

I often worry about your development unnecessarily. You’ll have to forgive me; I’m new at this, just as you are. I thank you for giving me plenty of reasons to trust God and put my faith in Him. He has provided organizations like First Steps to help you along with gross motor and social skills. You may not understand why we’re taking this proactive approach until you’re much older, but I am glad to know you are in great hands!

You have made me a slower,  kinder, gentler person. You have made your father proud. You have given Jake and Lucy another member of their pack. All of our hearts are bigger because of your presence. Do you even realize how much you affect those around you?

We love how you pick up new “skills” and tricks almost daily. You love to hang upside-down, play rough with Dad and yank on the dogs’ tails and ears. You seem to practice a new consonant sound every week, and those teeth! They pop up ridiculously. I think you’re starting on molars now. Here’s a newly developed skill, dancing:

I’m so excited about this next year with you. It’s been fun to see your changes and advances as you continue to grow and mature into a little person. Sometimes I forget that you’re OURS, and that we don’t have to return you someplace. Forever and ever, you’re our son.

Your great grandma Fernsler used to always tell me, “Grandma loves you.” I miss her, but I know she’s with Jesus, and she’ll be so excited to meet you someday. I find myself telling you many times throughout the day – sometimes even with watery eyes, “Mama loves you,” just as my grandma did.


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5 Months (A Letter)

Dear Wes,

Happy 5 months! You certainly are a happy child – as long as you don’t have teething pain and aren’t suffering from a fever like the last few days. Somehow, even in your confused state of what-is-wrong-with-me, Daddy can make you smile from ear to ear. And your giggles are just too much. They continually make Mommy’s heart melt. All those hours of consoling you when I have no idea what to do are totally worth just one of those gorgeous laughs.

Within the next few weeks, that beaming face will show off two little bottom front teeth. The caps have finally peeked out over your gums, and soon they will grow into sparkly, white, adorable baby teeth. Will we keep them when they fall out in a few years? It’s unfortunate for you that they decided to make an appearance so early on because you’re JUST now starting to hang on to toys. Keeping a teether in your mouth is next to impossible – you’d much rather chomp on your bib or thumb. But, it’s rather fortunate for you that they decided to make an appearance so early on because you’ll be over Mouth: Stage 1 before your 6 month birthday!

As I write this, you finally clonked off to sleep. Tylenol certainly helps dull the pain and your pitiful whimpers. This stage of your life may just be about the hardest for Mommy thus far. Daddy is a champ and takes everything in stride, but I worry endlessly about how to comfort you. I’m still learning how to fully trust the Lord, so when you cry, I cry, too. It will get easier – or, different, I guess – as we learn each others’ signals over time. And most importantly, how Mommy relies on God to get over the current bump in the road.

You’ve become such a natural part of our days and lives. Mom & Dad enjoyed our 4 married years as just the two of us, but you have brought us into a family. Jake & Lucy will always be our “kids,” too, but your flesh & blood is pretty remarkable. You have changed the relationships we have with others and how we interact with our parents, friends and neighbors. We love you tons – like, it’s hard to describe. And how fun is it to see bits and pieces of relatives and genetics with each expression you make?

I am so thankful for you. You’ve made me a softer, less selfish, more understanding person. I thank you for being the reason I complain less. (Or, rather, my complaints are now in a different category!) We are proud of your rapid growth and development. And those lovely thighs. I could eat them!

I’m looking forward to spending a special moment with you, Daddy and the dogs on Christmas morning this week. Let us remember to be grateful for everything given to us from our Father, to celebrate our friends and family and give to those in need this season and always.

You da man!

Love, Mom

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