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Happy Easter, Flathead!

I remember daydreaming about this Easter last year and how weird it would be to celebrate with a kid. For the most part, I’m pretty used to the change of routine, but I still find myself looking at Wes and thinking, “He belongs to ME?” It’s still strange, this new-mom thing.

I’m not sure what I expected it to be like when I daydreamed in 2011, but Easter was fun. Saturday was spent with my parents, sister and the kids. We dyed eggs, went on an egg hunt and played with the new toys found in our baskets. Elli wasn’t so sure about waiting to find her basket until AFTER the eggs were dyed, but she quickly realized how cool the process was and got distracted. Heh. Wes loves watching his cousins almost as much as ceiling fans and clocks! Easter Sunday was a wonderful service at church and then Mom & Dad came over to eat leftover ham and lounge at our house. We even got a surprise visit from little Bebe and her parents after their spring break vacation.

Did I mention that Wes and Steven had matching skinny ties?!?!?! Seriously, it was THAT cute. And I’m not the only one who thinks it because as of today, there are 81 likes on facebook, which may possibly be more than his birth photo…

I told a coworker the other day how terrified I was when pregnant that I would have a child that needed a helmet because of flat-headedness. Now I find myself being terrified of NOT getting a helmet for little Wes. I know my pediatrician will say it’s not bad enough for that, but the fact that the little chunker refuses to roll over and hates tummy time means that he sleeps on his back all night – in the same position. He won’t stay on his side to sleep (which I know it’s the “right” way to put an infant to bed anyway), and he just prefers to be facing up if he’s not standing or sitting. People I complain to keep telling me that they’re sure it will pop out and get nice and round some day, but I’m afraid it’s getting to the point of permanence. And it’s not like he’s laying down all day, either – he prefers to be sitting and looking around while awake.

Arrgggghhh. I know I’m just being vain, but with our combined genetics, it’s likely Wes will go bald in his later age. He may hate me for the state of his head shape! If he ever grows hair, maybe I’ll just forget about his flat spot and find something else to worry about.

Regardless, our Lord is risen and he has blessed us with a quirky, happy little boy who occupies 9 thoughts out of 10 in any given moment of my day!


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Six Months

Weight: 21.9 lbs (97th percentile)

Height: 26″ (50th percentile)

Head: 43 cm (25th percentile)

I find it funny that this child has such a large body and a small head. I mean, I have to wear kids’ sunglasses because of how small my head is, but I wasn’t nearly this huge. Ped wasn’t concerned (like me) that he has no interest in rolling over. Apparently it’s one of the most common skipped milestones! He truly has little interest in the fact that his toy just out of reach and won’t roll to get it. I can imagine him thinking, “oh well. I’ll just look at my awesome hands.” The fact that he’s doing well with sitting up and continually improving his hand/eye coordination means we’ve survived another few months!

We’re starting a few baby signs this month. The sign for Daddy allows you to spread your fingers like a “5” and tap your thumb to your forehead, like a 6-year-old’s impression of a silly face. Somehow this seems fitting…

Wes is destined to have a slightly flat head. The ped isn’t worried about it, but it’s likely he won’t have much hair to cover it for another year or so, and then he will probably lose it again later (early) in life. I noticed, after digging through my hair “cleaned” with dry shampoo for the umpteeth day, that I, too, have a slight flat spot. Poor kid – with his parents’ genes, the odds are against him!

I was talking to my mom this morning about Wes’ 6 month stats & weird quirks, and she said, “I remember thinking with you girls that I would have never traded you in for anything different. You were perfect.” Yeah, he is my perfect little imperfect boy. No one could fill his shoes that he doesn’t wear yet.

Isn’t that how God views us?

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Bootcamp: Night 6

The combination of the DST time change and consistency in sleep training has my little baby so sleepy by the time 5 p.m. rolls around. After I picked him up after work, he got fussy and tired in the car. I knew I’d barely get dinner on the table before I had to put him down for the night. Thankfully, he thinks Steven is pretty neat, so Daddy entertained him long enough for me to fix dinner and snarf it down before getting to pjs of my own (I have learned to just get ready in case it’s a long night.).

  • 6:15 p.m. Skipped the bath, since he was already fussing. Sang while I changed him and got him into pjs. Got him all wrapped up in the swaddle blanket again, even though he hates it at first. He started to nurse, and I realized his preferred pacifier was somewhere on the floor of our bedroom. I remember hearing it fall to the ground last night. I picked him up (while still nursing), and tried to look under the bed and bedside table, but it wasn’t working. Keep in mind, I was singing to him during this whole ordeal. He was still so sleepy that none of this bothered him, and he just nursed away. Finally, I called Steve in to help me find it. Of course it was covered in dust bunnies from being under the bed, so he got it all cleaned up while we went back to the rocking chair. Still unphased.
  • 6:30 p.m. I put sleepy Wes down in his crib. He didn’t even stir. Didn’t need that pacifier, either!
  • 7:00 p.m. For the first time in 5 nights, I work up the courage to tiptoe into the living room and hang out for the evening with the fam. Didn’t even bring the monitor with me! I guess I should mention that I also got the kitchen cleaned up and the dishwasher going. Hooray for feeling productive!
  • 10:45 p.m. Wes woke up. This is much earlier than the last few nights, but he went right back to sleep after nursing.
  • 1:30 a.m. Another night feeding. I had to rewrap him in the swaddle because his arms were completely free. Once in the crib, he stirred for about 5 minutes and settled himself to sleep.
  • 3:45 a.m. Up again. I nursed him, even though I’m not sure if he was really hungry or not.
  • 5:30 a.m. Wes was up for the day, but obviously, we weren’t. I brought him into bed with us to get him settled down again. We were able to semi-sleep with a few brief wake ups for an hour or so.
  • 7:00 a.m. We’re all awake.

Sleep-in-Crib Hours: 10:00

Total Sleep Hours: 11:00

So, it wasn’t a perfect night. We didn’t get to spend much time with Wes at all when home from work. He woke up several more times in the night. He nursed a lot more than usual. I think the culprit was the temperature. I had him bundled up in his sleeper and the swaddle blanket like previous nights, but it was close to 10 degrees warmer last night. Each time I picked him up, he was a little damp. I’m sure he was sweaty and uncomfortable, so perhaps that’s why he didn’t sleep as well.

Also, Steven purchased a white noise machine for the nursery yesterday. It actually came via UPS yesterday evening, but the kid was already asleep, haha! I’m anxious to see if it helps him sleep through one of the wake ups – I know white noise helps me tremendously.

If it weren’t for all these books I’m reading, I would be concerned that he’s going to bed waaaay too early. But, I keep seeing that many babies are wired to sleep around 6 p.m. This sucks because it makes the early evening very tight and there’s hardly any time to spend with our baby. I’m sure, over time, we can adjust his sleeping to a slightly later time, and he might naturally get into that rhythm.

To make up for the “lost” time with him last night, we played and cuddled as a family in bed this morning. It was so nice, and what a wonderful way to start the day. Now, being slightly vain, the next worry of mine is FLAT HEAD. It got better once he started sleeping with me (since he was on his side), but now he’s always on his back, and I’m getting concerned I’ll have to battle this ridiculous issue again. Oh, joy!

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