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Friday Night Thanks

Friday night hangout

I just put my date to bed. Since Steven is at Startup Weekend, the little guy and I are spending lots of time together and it’s pretty great.

It’s Thanksgiving week, so I’m dedicating this post to my family – both immediate and extended – for which I am so grateful and proud of.

Yesterday was Dad’s birthday. I was able to take the day off and celebrate with my sister’s oldest two kids, who happened to be spending a few days with my parents. We went out for breakfast, my dad’s favorite meal, and the kids were so excited to see “Baby Wesley.” Who knows if he’ll ever outgrow his nickname… even though he’s no longer the baby of the family!

Elli had helped Mom decorate a cake with a variety of rainbow sprinkles. She couldn’t stop talking about it at breakfast and insisted that we throw Grandpa a birthday party with cake as soon as we got home. So, we did. Breakfast followed by cake is a fabulous idea.

I’m looking forward to seeing my fellow Shattucks next week. Thankful that I’m surrounded by caring family members, funny nieces and adorable nephews.

And I am blessed tremendously by the life of our sweet Wesley. He grows more endearing every day.

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Family love

Little people at Wes’ baby shower, May 2011

I adore the little people in my life. They make me proud; they are smart; they are beautiful; they are strong. They are silly, too.

We got to skype with our nieces Alli, 7, and Anna, 2, yesterday. (Why don’t we do this more often?!) Oh, it was so fun. They enjoyed watching Wes play and try to figure out the people in the computer screen talking back to him. They loved joking along with Uncle Steve. Anna’s face was nearly always filling the screen – so anxious to see more. Nothing productive was accomplished – just giggles and enjoying our wireless company!

Today my sister, mom and I had a girls’ day of shopping, eating and catching a movie. Mom and I picked up my very pregnant sister and were able to spend a little time with my niece Elli, 4, and nephew Jeremiah, 2. She walked out to greet us with a big, beautiful baby belly and my heart grew a little larger right then and there. To top it off, the kiddos ran with open arms to greet me and Mom. The following half hour consisted of Elli’s showing off of new skills learned (She’s now able to complete a somersault, count by 2’s and 4’s, say the 10 commandments and impressively recite a historical timeline from Creation to 4000 BC.) and Jeremiah’s hugs, waves and blue, blue eyes. Have I mentioned the cuteness factor of his new glasses? Melt.

Hannah’s last pregnancy was different. Jeremiah didn’t move at all while in the womb. He was born with spina bifida and we were unsure of his physical future and health. I’m pleased to say he is a happy, thriving little boy today. This new baby is alert and active, and my hands felt his little kicks and movements this afternoon. It was pretty amazing.

Jeremiah’s birth wasn’t the only prayer-driven event in 2010. Our little Anna was born much too early after her mother’s kidneys stopped working and began dialysis. Born at 2 lbs, she fought and gained enough weight and strength to finally come home after weeks in the hospital. We are so thankful that Kelly, Anna’s mom, now has a new kidney, Anna is healthy and Jeremiah is doing great. Our hearts hold a special place for these kids.

Seeing all of my nieces and nephews in the last two days has been such a blessing. They are all growing up to be kind, caring and just downright beautiful. The girls are looking less and less like toddlers and babies and more and more like little girls. I’m not really saddened by this. I won’t say “slow down” to them or miss their infant days to point of blindness. I am proud of these kids and my heart is bursting with love for them.

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