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Scoot over, World!

I’ve been home with Wes this afternoon. He’s been getting more and more frustrated that he can’t reach toys across the room or balls that have rolled away. Looky, looky what I caught on video!

It’s a very small scoot-crawl, but it’s there! I’ve heard it goes fast from here. Those baby gates I installed 6 months ago may actually come to use (outside of keeping the dogs in the kitchen)! Ironically, he starts therapy next week, haha. My little genius.

Posted: July 9th, 2012
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11 Months Already?

Our boy is nearing on a year old. It’s been a fast yet slow 11 months. The days have passed quickly, but I feel that we’ve gotten somewhat lucky in that he’s lingered in the baby stage unlike several of the other around-one-year-olds we know. Yes, I’ve been worried (as a new mom should be) about his delays in gross motor skills. But, looking back, I’ve had a non-mobile kid who loves to sit with us, play and cuddle with us, and just be nearby without getting into too much stuff/trouble/danger. While I’m ready for him to enter toddlerhood, I’m thankful for this long(er) infant phase. I’ve got to soak up these fleeting cuddle sessions as much as I can!

Here’s a few noteworthy new Wes-isms of Month 11:

  1. Waving bye-bye nearly every time we enter a new room. I’m not sure he really understands what “goodbye” really means, ha.
  2. Using his pointer finger to check out and discover the world. No, not to point AT things, but he loves to stick his finger into the little holes screws sit in on all his plastic battery-operated toys. He points ON the dogs’ ears, the rug, knobs and pretty much anything he can reach these days. (see video below)
  3. Pivoting onto his knees from a sitting position. If a ball rolls just out of reach, he will now turn his hips so that he ends up on his hands with one knee on the floor. Still doesn’t quite know what to do with the crossed leg in the way, but it’s one step closer to crawling!
  4. Clapping. All the time.
  5. Making underwater noises with his fingers and mouth. I’m not really sure what that sound is called, technically. It’s not a “raspberry,” but I’m sure you know what I mean by “underwater sound.” Wes faces his palm toward his chin and uses all of his fingers to brush his bottom lip while he hums. In fact, Steven and Wes now have a little mimicking game where one will start and the other will call back with his own lips. Cuteness abounds.
  6. Saying a very basic form of “doggy” and “daddy.” He lights up when the dogs are in the room and screams, “DAH DAH” and then “GEEE.” It’s pretty similar when he sees Steven walk through the door.
  7. Playing the “Uh Oh” game. He loves to throw toys and food to the ground and then say, “uh uh ohhhhh” over and over again. It’s pretty much the cutest thing you’ll ever see.
  8. Spitting applesauce all over Mommy. Nothing else needs to be said here.

We are meeting with First Steps later this week to evaluate his gross motor skill development. It may be that he’s just indeed slow to progress, but I feel better knowing whether or not he would benefit with some physical therapy assistance. Who knows? Maybe by the time we head to the beach over Labor Day, he’ll be walking all over the place! Wouldn’t that be a major change around this house?

Enjoy his 11 Month photos here.

Posted: June 23rd, 2012
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Month 9 Well Check

Om nom nom

Our chunk is getting leaner. After his 9 month check up, we found he’s dropped into the 90th percentile for weight! He remains in the 50th for height. And his poor little head, it’s only in the 10th. However, I found several sites that bring his head circumference into the 25th, so I’m going with that. Why am I suddenly sad to know that he’s not bigger than nearly every other kid his age? Did I really find THAT much pride in his thick thighs? (Oh, and don’t worry – they’re still there.)

He’s getting more independent. And he seems to know what he wants and when. If whatever it is I bring him isn’t IT, he sure lets us know. One of these days he’s going to finally master crawling to ease his frustration with us! The past month, we’ve made a conscious effort to keep him on his stomach up to 10 minutes every 2 hours. Hard at first, but he can now tolerate being on his belly for much longer periods of time, which finally gives him the chance to work on those muscles. I was pleased to report to the doc that he can rock on his knees… it’s amazing what little joys I have in my life now!

We discovered yet ANOTHER tooth poked through his gums recently, and there’s another one just on the brink of appearing. Our neighbors have a rambunctious and highly entertainingly wild 3-year-old girl who, at a year old, had a full set of teeth. I always found this amusing. Perhaps there’s something in our drinking water that creates mutant tooth growth.

Wes refuses to be spoon-fed these days, hence the independence. He insists on feeding himself, except: 1) new textures disturb him (so goodbye bananas for a few months), 2) green foods are only for swiping to the floor and 3) 20% of food actually lands in his mouth. All my fun evenings of pureeing and storing massive amounts of food are at a standstill. Humph. Buuuuut, the good news: he’s able to feed himself formula through his sippy cup! Yessss. I can actually have my arms free during this “activity” again.

Aside from all the above challenges, Wes is a super duper baby. He is chill to the max. He sleeps great – even during the day. He gives amazing morning hugs. His handsome brown eyes smile more than his mouth. He loves to be out and about, so shopping is a pleasant surprise. He loves being outside, taking walks and going on bike rides. He thinks Jake & Lucy are the best things since sliced bread, and they love him back to a million pieces. Jake stands still as Wes “gently” pats and hugs him; Lucy allows him to tug her ears and examine her tail. They are rewarded with those awesome baby giggles that make you cry – I mean, it’s commercial material!

Month 9 photos are up. Enjoy!

Posted: April 30th, 2012
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8 months

8.5 months

Nearly 3 weeks late, I finally took photos of Wes at 8 months old. It’s probably because Months 7-8 have been my favorite thus far and I’ve been too busy playing with the cute little guy. Wes is sleeping really well – both at night and at nap times – and it makes a world of difference in his mood. He has been happy, playful and super entertaining the last 6 weeks. He loves his parents, his dogs and his grandparents. He recognizes people he sees on a regular basis, and he greets almost everyone with an adorable, toothy grin.

This weekend has been Drool City because the top front teeth have begun their emergence. I can already glimpse what cute smiles await in the very near future!

We’re still battling Operations Rollover and Crawl. Tummy time is pretty much Wes’ least favorite thing in the whole world. The good news is that he will slooooowly inch backwards with his arms, and he will tolerate – and even rock slightly – when helped onto his knees. I told a friend recently that I can’t even fathom dealing with the really difficult issues of Wes’ childhood & adolescence… this is hard enough!

Several other pieces of news to share from the Shattuck household in a later post, but until then, enjoy Photo Shoot 8!

Posted: April 1st, 2012
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