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The Vague Social Media Post

I didn’t do it intentionally – in fact, I often poke fun at the posts you see on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter that (seemingly) purposefully give just a hint of information but leave out details to make the reader wonder and ask questions. The result is what the poster is looking for – attention. Right? You know what I mean:

“I can’t spill details, but could really use positive thoughts right now!”
– “What’s the matter?! I hope you’re ok! Do you need anything?”
– “You’re in my prayers! XOXO!”

It usually drives me nuts to see stuff like that. But I fell into the trap last week with a post that apparently came off as vague.

IMG_2924The photo corresponded with text something like this: “I’m cranky today and feeling the weight of big decisions on the horizon. And yeah, my email is nuts. Psalm 46 is a good reminder of higher blessings.”

I thought people would think it was funny because of the sheer amount of emails unattended to! Or maybe sweet because I referenced a verse? I don’t know. I certainly didn’t expect people to negatively respond. (Should I have used exclamation points or emojis for less downer effect?)

Steven jumped on Google chat and quizzed me. His phone was blowing up with concerned text messages from friends. For Pete’s sake, people! I’m alright! We’re alright. I deleted the post to prevent others from worrying. A few nights later, it came up in conversation at a dinner with Steven’s coworkers (apparently deleting the post was an even BIGGER mistake), and now I feel like I have to explain myself.

In retrospect, the “big decisions on the horizon” aren’t anything life-or-death critical, but they DO involve a lot of research, planning and faith. I’m already this far in, so here’s what’s been on my mind. Get ready to be underwhelmed.

School. I thought I had the better part of a year to figure out applications and open houses and ease myself into a new school calendar. Last week, Wes’ preschool teacher strongly encouraged us to consider Kindergarten this fall. It surprised me, not because I don’t think he’s intelligent enough, but because I figured he’d do okay in preschool one more year before Kindergarten. I still think it’s better if we wait – he’d be a very young Kindergartner and because both of his parents struggled in school, likely from maturity level (I ended up being held back in 1st grade during the middle of the school year, and though it was traumatic and hard, it made all the difference for my success), Steven and I think it’s too soon to push him. But now, it seems we need to switch preschools anyway because the curriculum would be the same as this past year. He needs to continue growing. I began the application process for several schools last week, have several tours lined up, but I’ve already missed a few deadlines.

Church. After many months of prayer, we made the difficult decision to leave our church in December. We’ve been visiting several congregations since, and it’s an overwhelming and emotional process. Wes hates the weekly change, and that makes it even worse. We’re so ready to find a place to call home and settle in, but I don’t think it’s one of those things where bells will be ringing and bright lights will shine and we’ll know right away. I wish life worked like that, though.

So, there you have it – my vague social post. I promise I didn’t mean to scare or annoy anyone. Attention was certainly not what I was after, and I didn’t even realize I was being vague! Haha. I do feel loved, though. Thanks for caring. 🙂

And would you pray about my big decisions ahead? You know, because I’m the only person to ever have to deal with change. Just kidding.

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Things I learned from kids at VBS

Disclaimer: This is a gushy, faith-based post. I don’t want this blog site to ever sound too “preachy,” but I had to share this experience.

Over the last few summers, I have led the singing during the opening and closing assemblies at our small little church’s VBS (Vacation Bible School). It’s no secret that I agree to it grudgingly. I am not very confident in my teaching skills, and for some reason, I am just plain awkward around grade school aged kids. I never know how to talk appropriately to kids 5-12. My voice pitch is usually too sing-songy and childish, and I usually don’t know what topics or subjects to discuss. Before and after these ages, though, I seem to do fine. (Maybe this will change once Wes is in this age group!)

So preparing for VBS is always a worry for me. Every year. Even the week of VBS, including last week, I was pretty timid and unsure the first day. The theme was “Kingdom Rock,” where kids stand strong for the Lord! complete with exciting castle displays, costumes and Celtic music. I was Lady Leah, the gal who welcomed the kids to the evening’s program, taught songs and scripture and each day’s Bible point, and then closed up the evening with another round of songs and dramas.

Because I was a Lady, Mom, who is also the VBS director every year, thought it would be fun to bring out all of my former dance and bridesmaid dresses. So hey, if I was in your wedding, know that I probably got another full use out of my dress! The girls especially loved my changing outfits every day. And wouldn’t you know that the theme of “strength” (i.e. pumping arm motions for all songs) looks really bizarre in a fancy dress…

I surprised myself this year. I actually had fun! Yes, the worry carried on somewhat, but our whole theme was about trusting God no matter what. And I did try to do that myself. Funny thing is, God took over and gave me the strength to overcome my awkwardness and gave me the ability to enjoy myself.

Pretty certain that the Holy Spirit did this through the kids themselves. Here’s what I learned from them:

  1. Kids love to be goofs and love it even more when adults are goofy.
  2. Kids have the sweetest voices in the world. They amazed me with their quick learning and ability to hit every note spot on.
  3. Adults connect and grow closer because of kids.
  4. Kids remember verses through song. It’s pretty much the best thing ever to hear a perfect recitation of Proverbs 3:5,6 in unison.
  5. Above all, kids just want to be loved. They need affirmation just as much as I do.

Photo 1(1)Wally, a knight-in-training, interacted with Lady Leah each day on how to trust God in order to accomplish anything – in his case, becoming Sir Wally. Poor Wally was afraid of horses, attacked by a bully and just had a downright awful week. But by Friday, he had indeed been knighted, and as a surprise, the adults coordinated together to have a REAL LIVE (!) horse be Sir Wally’s steed at the closing ceremonies and after party. (It’s a big deal for us city folk.)

The excitement on those kids’ faces just about did me in. They were thrilled at the sight of that horse and the face that Wally had enough courage (you know, God-provided) to get on that thing and ride it around. Call me sentimental and emotional, but that moment made VBS completely worth it for me. Those kids will remember that night. They may not remember all the Bible points 20 years from now, but if they’re anything like me, they will remember, through song,

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and He will direct your paths.

And heck, these kids are Wes’ peers and those he will follow. Let’s lead these kids onward.

PS – And yes, those of you know who Steven know that he is afraid/allergic/terrified of horses. He commanded me to “go directly to the shower” once I got home.

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