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Hi, I’m the mother of a 2-year-old

553411_10101310920726358_640745322_nI have been a blogging slacker. I blame it all on the fact that Wes is now two. Not that he’s super busy or a maniac or keeps us up all night, but – I am enjoying him as a little person. Watching him learn new words and begin to understand his world is fascinating.

“Ready? Go!”

“Hi Mama, Daddy.”

“Lucy, potty!”

“ABCDEFG. H. Poo, ick, J.”

We had his two-year-old check up last week. At nearly 30 lbs and 60th percentile for height, he has/had just about 30 words and 60 unidentified phrases/indecipherable mumbling in his vocabulary. Actually, this current week he has been mimicking almost everything we say to him. I think he’s mastered 30-60 words overnight. His ridiculous hair is probably also 30-60″ long, on that note.

So, during my blogging absence, I was featured in the Indianapolis Star regarding my milestone celebration. It was also on, if you can believe it. (Click here for article.)


Steven became VP of Marketing at Bloomerang, and has been a killer asset to the team there.

Mom and Dad’s new-to-them pontoon boat was finally launched into the water. After the dam broke during the Flood of 2008, their lake has been waterless every summer until now. We have enjoyed being on the water in the “but” (Wes’ word for boat).

1012165_10101284422489038_222051207_n photo(1)

And July has been a month of celebrating. We hosted a birthday party for family and neighbor friends in the park (by the way, great idea. You don’t have to clean your own house!) and went swimming.

9233438523_bb567ff1d0 9236249110_e1496b92b7

A week later, we spent the morning at the Indianapolis Zoo. The Indianapolis Symphonic Orchestra played a concert in the park one evening. Wes loved listening to the live music and picked up on when each movement ended (he cheered and clapped loudly).

And on his actual birthday, we met his bestie Beatrice and mom Julia at Saxony Lake in Fishers. It was great fun.

9318638350_654d40f1b9 9318617566_a0c6475914

Birthday dinner was breakfast with lots of fruit and sausage, his favorites. Uncle Tyson joined us.

9318540294_617d0e6043 9318511172_81fcb84700

I just love the above photos. He really seemed to understand that the day was to celebrate him, and he had this amazing look of sincere delight. Precious.

And the next night we ventured over to the Indianapolis Speedrome for the first time. Cars. Loud noises. Vrrrrroooom. It was pretty much a little boy’s heaven.

164966_10101312658608628_1133049576_n photo

He looks so serious in these photos. Soon after, he was cheering and waving his arms like the flag holders.

There’s actually way too many good photos to post from the last few months. Wes is always mumbling something funny or getting off balance or attempting something new. He’s like a walking photo opportunity.

I just love our little guy. He has provided so much happiness in our household, and it’s made me love Steven in a completely new way. He’s a fantastic dad. He makes a great trampoline and rough-and-tumble partner for little limbs. He’ll read a million books to Wes in one sitting and produce a thousand toddler giggles with his silly antics. I’m smitten with our family.

Forgive me while I enjoy a few more summer weeks of possible blogging hiatus with this crazy toddler kid.

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Photo 3One thing I’ve noticed since Wes has been around is that I don’t play enough. I enjoy quiet, lazy activities, like reading, painting, journaling and catching up on Gilmore Girls (somehow I missed that bandwagon in college). Wes is also a pretty quiet person, but he’s much more active than I am. And what an imagination! Who knew a child less than 2 years old could make believe so well? His interest in discovering the world has taught me several “lessons,” which I’ll outline below.

Sure, I enjoy the outdoors, but it’s WINTER. I dislike winter. Except when it’s snowing and beautiful and the sky is purple, I stay indoors with a cozy blanket and some hot chocolate. Sometimes it’s hard to put down a book or turn off the news in order to romp around on the floor and build a LEGO house that gets destroyed in .08 seconds. But I do it. And I have fun!

One recent day when it snowed, Wes really wanted to be outside. I grudgingly bundled us up and surprised myself at how much fun we had, just walking around and making footprints everywhere.

He reminded me how falling snow is just plain magical. And come on, how cute is he with his sign language?

Photo 6A few weeks ago I made a big, and somewhat risky purchase. I bought a kitchen tower to keep Wes “contained,” entertained and safe while I work on dinner. It was a tough decision because it’s a little pricey, and this particular model is the runner-up to the even more expensive Learning Tower. I debated for several weeks which one to get for various reasons, but I’m glad I chose the one I did. (For one thing, it collapses and folds up for somewhat portability – this is a necessity for our itty bitty kitchen.) It allows me to have my hip and hands back, and it gives him a feeling of participation as he can see what I’m doing. It’s also great in the bathroom while brushing teeth – he can rinse his own toothbrush! We’ve also discovered just how fun it is to set in the living room and pretend it’s all sorts of things. An airplane! A tree house! Or best yet, a podium for public speaking.

Another lesson learned from my son: You can pretty much do anything or be anyone with the right props.

Wesley has had trouble getting along well with other kids his age. I really think his social skills have improved tremendously since enrollment at school. He has a chance to play alongside other kids, also known as parallel playing. This doesn’t mean that he’s actually participating in the same activity as another child, but he is close by, playing by himself. This still is important because it’s part of a gradual step toward community and sharing. However, I’ve noticed recently that he has been playing extremely well with, and not just beside, his cousins and his bestie Beatrice.

Photo 1 Photo 4

I had to include the above photo of his adorable cousin, Jeremiah. The poor kid rarely has his pants in the right place because he army crawls all over the floor, causing his drawers to fall right off. It’s hilarious. To make it even better, Jer managed to climb and plop himself inside the box of Lincoln Logs to be closer to his cousin, “Baby Weswee.” Also note that this peaceful photo of Wes and Bea was shortly lived. They are pretty much a married couple in 19-month-old bodies.

Lesson learned? You can do your own thing, and by yourself, even, but it’s just so much nicer to do it with someone else.

And lastly, Wes has shown me that life is FUN. Seriously. There’s so much stuff to do, things to see and people to meet. I feel like we get stuck in our own routine and become blinded to the amazing world and creation we live in. Wes has paved a way to open our eyes and rediscover our surroundings.

Photo 2

Be a goof! Go, have fun.

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Day 365+

One year! Crazy.

The week was a true birthday marathon. We got to celebrate Wesley’s life with so many friends and family. It was perfect. And I came to the realization of several things:

Wes is not a fan of cake. It’s too sticky, slimy and weird.

Wes may love wrapping paper more than the present inside.

Opening presents on his actual birthday

Wes has a pretty amazing, loving & funny family. (And even has Indian “parents” who came to celebrate his birth!)

Leah’s family with the Lalls at Wes’ birthday dinner


Goofy relatives

We have some “cool” friends.

Muhammad, what what

Jacobs finding some shade

Did you get it? haha

A city-wide water ban is no fun for kids.

Wes and his cousin Anna testing out the water table

Bebe approves!

And our friends are talented artists.

Party attendees predict Wes’ future in a fun board book

I’m sad that I didn’t bring out the camera until later, so I didn’t get photos of the fondue, decorations and cake. Or all the kids playing in the baby pools and water splashing everywhere. But you can certainly see how many people love this little guy. And all that DEAD GRASS.

It was a super fun week. My little boy, who is now in the 75th percentile for weight (he keeps dropping!) and 50th for height, isn’t so little anymore. And you know what? I like it. I’m okay with that. I’m excited to experience his growth into toddlerhood. Let there be many more birthday celebrations! (But maybe not quite this big.)

Click here to see his Month 12 photos.

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The Fourth

Last year at this time, I was hugely pregnant and we had spent the afternoon visiting our friends in the hospital – who had just given birth to Wes’ bestie Beatrice. Steven and I decided that since they couldn’t celebrate the Fourth past the view from the hospital window, we’d bring the festivities to them.

This year, we have a nearly one-year-old son. Crazy how just a year can change so many things! It’s not been as festive as it could be, but we have many years to enjoy our day of patriotism and freedom. Here’s how we’ve spent the day:

This door OPENS?!

Woke up at the usual time. I swear, the dogs are worse than Wes about sleeping in. All I did was turn to scratch my nose and they jumped out of bed and were ready to start the day. No kidding. And of course Wes is a light sleeper and hears them bounding down the hardwood floors every morning, including today’s… so we were up at 6:30.

Wes played and discovered new things about the living room while Steven and I enjoyed coffee and the marvelous sun that comes through our big picture window. Wes was so excited to have us both home that he didn’t nap well after breakfast – 45 minutes tops. Instead, we walked to one of our favorite local spots for a late breakfast, Historic Steer-In (was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in 2010!), where Wes munched on pancakes and tater tots. After another failed afternoon nap, we headed to a friends’ board game-and-BBQ party. Great fun, but Wes was feeling the effects of not sleeping, so we headed back home and put him to bed before 7 p.m.


So much for a trip downtown to see the fireworks! We’ll be watching them on TV tonight in our jammies and snuggling with the dogs. No beating traffic or trying to find port-a-potties until next year.

Thank you, veterans, for allowing me the freedom to spend my day relaxing with wonderful people. My family appreciates it greatly, and it should be expressed more than just once a year.

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A post, a little late, but well worth it. Halloween 2011! Wes was a cute, bundled-up little frog for the Irvington Halloween Festival (which Steven had a major part in as the marketing “guru”) and a “Slugger” baseball player on Halloween night. He enjoyed flapping his frog hands into his Bee friend’s face, little Beatrice. Visit Julia’s site on their cute little Bebe.

Click here to view the full flickr set.

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