Staph, impetigo and the fungus

The zit that started it all

Somehow Wes contracted a staph infection on his face, more commonly known as impetigo. It started about a week ago, with a small pimple on his left check. Because I’m a moron and left his fingernails longer than they should be, he scratched it and left a nice cut on his face. I’m sure this is where havoc wrecked. Somewhere in the atmosphere, a nasty bacterium latched itself into my poor kid’s body and exploded into boil-like, red patches on his chin, cheeks, under his nose and in his diaper area.

Then the area in his diaper turned into FUNGUS. Ick.

Gross. No one told me I’d have to go to late-night doctor visits, clean out hard, crusty boil juice from a nose or slather athlete’s foot cream (which has a weird, sickeningly sweet smell) over little boy parts when I was pregnant. This isn’t something I ever dreamed of. Poor child. I have to put antibiotic cream all over his face and other nasty lotions on his bottom. He screams until he can’t breathe, and it breaks my heart every time.

And it makes me wonder if I’ll ever let this child out of doors again. (I’m kidding.) Nasty, nasty world out there.

The worst part? He starts daycare this week, but his antibiotics aren’t really doing anything noticeable. I’m gnawing at my fingernails wondering what to do. Isn’t staph that awful stuff that ignores antibiotics? Uggghhh this could be another long week.

Did ya notice that super cute photo? You can see the pimple/boil/staphaggedon, but it looks adorable in all of his One Year Photos found here. (Photo credits to Grace Images and David Ashbaugh)

Posted: August 5th, 2012
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