Sans Diaper

photo (1)We had our first naked baby accident-on-the-floor tonight. I feel like we’ve reached a major milestone.

Wes escaped a diaper change, as he’s been much more fidgety and unhappy about laying down on the changing pad these days. He used to just lay there, patiently. Not anymore. He grabs hold of anything he can and uses it to turn over the nearly 30 lbs of him and climb to his knees. That little naked behind was so funny that I just let him go with it.

He ran up and down the hallway stark naked for about 5 minutes. Pure glee! Something about no clothes – and especially no diaper – is thrilling for little people. And it makes us adults laugh!

After running from me to Steven and back again, he suddenly stopped, looked confused for a second, and then started peeing. He looked down and quickly back up at us with sheer terror.


He ran to me, still peeing, slipped and fell. I had to stifle laughter because the poor kid was so scared. This was the first time he has peed without his diaper on and noticed. I hugged his little naked self and told him it was okay, it happens to everyone.

His head nuzzled my neck and it was pretty adorable overall. (Until I had to wrestle getting a diaper and pajamas on him!)

And for the next few minutes, he kept pointing and grabbing at his diaper, like he understood what happened. Hmm, maybe potty training, which is in the waaaay future, won’t be as difficult as I keep imagining question mark?

Photo credit goes to my gal Nikki who caught this amazing moment a few weeks ago at a friends’ house.

Posted: March 27th, 2013
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Comment from Lisa - March 28, 2013 at 8:43 pm

Yes, I laughed. Great word pics. 🙂


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