One week down

It’s been a week & a half. I love my new job as a mom. Ask anyone close to me, and you’ll know that I had so many reservations about becoming a parent. I know we still have a long way to go, but these first few days with Wes have been wonderful.


  • Both dogs have thrown up at least twice due to eating weeds in the backyard.
  • Rain finally wet the ground for 20 minutes after a week-long record heat wave. It was just enough to fill our rain barrel, but nothing more.
  • Mad Men starts streaming on Netflix today, and it’s super perfect timing. I’m geeked-out excited to start the series, since we are old school and don’t have cable.


  • Peed on his namesake, Matt.
  • Developed a major appetite and is now back up to his birth weight (maybe more!).
  • Allowed us to sleep an average of 4 consecutive hours a night.
  • Smiled in his sleep. He has a single dimple on his left cheek – adorable.
  • Slept through all but one of his 45 visitors thus far. Sorry, Jared, for the fussiness!
  • Discovered his mommy’s face.
  • Recognized his daddy’s voice.


  • Changed all but 3 of Wes’ diapers.
  • Tidied the house all day, every day.
  • Worked from home.
  • Went back to work today.


  • Discovered & fell in love with witch hazel and lanolin.
  • Dropped 25 of the 45 lbs gained!
  • Successfully accomplished first outing to Target without baby. No meltdown.
  • Successfully took a shower & shaved legs without daddy around. No freak out.
  • Kankles disappeared!
  • Finished birth announcement. To save money, I just designed it as a 6×4 piece and got a super sweet deal on SnapFish – 100 prints for $1! Score.
  • Enjoyed all the support and visits with friends & family. And food gifts.
  • Felt the prayers from around the world. (There is a congregation in India praying for us!) I have never felt so at-ease, comforted and loved. God definitely has a marvelous plan and a supporting hand on our backs.

It’s been a week I’ll remember forever. I love this little boy more every day. His new discoveries are thrilling to watch, and I’m looking forward to several more weeks of constant time with GrumpFace before entering a new era of juggling work with family life. Will I be ready to go back to work? Will I dread it? I’m glad that’s a few weeks away and I don’t really have to think about it yet. For now, I’m loving snuggle time with little Wesley Matthew.

Posted: July 27th, 2011
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Comment from Marcia - July 27, 2011 at 11:49 am

Dare I tell you that I took over 20 years away from the workforce to raise our sons. It was the best decision I ever made – even having less money coming in all of those years; we made it work.


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