Houses, houses, everywhere!

1) It’s cool to live in a developing district of town. 2) It’s not so cool when there are TONS of great, old houses that I’ve fallen in love with. We’ve been here two years, and we’ve seen the downward spiral of the housing market affect our area. Unfortunately some of the big, beautiful historic houses we couldn’t afford when we were buyers are now within our original house-hunting budget. And I’m dumb enough to watch the Web sites…

I (Leah) do like our house, but it pains me that the market has changed so much in just a couple years. We both would’ve loved to live in a house with 12′ ceilings!

At least we have been able to refinance. And we ARE a part of the lovely community – and our dream of living in the very heart of Irvington isn’t too far away. Ten, fifteen years?

Posted: May 7th, 2009
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