First Haircut

I do love Wes’ curls and mangy locks, but we’re having family pictures taken next week. Judging by the borderline craziness of his hair in this school picture,

(I know, right? Cutest kid ever.) I decided – on a whim – to get his “ears lowered” today. He did as well as can be expected. Mildly tormented, sure, but overall good times.

I would’ve loved to get my haircut here. You get to sit in a race car with a personal TV screen showing cartoons.

And even though there were a few tears, everything is perfect with a balloon! I go back tomorrow to pick up his official certificate and photo to document the occasion. My dapper little guy.


Posted: November 19th, 2012
Categories: Leah
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Comment from Lisa - November 21, 2012 at 2:30 pm

Too cute!


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