Day 365+

One year! Crazy.

The week was a true birthday marathon. We got to celebrate Wesley’s life with so many friends and family. It was perfect. And I came to the realization of several things:

Wes is not a fan of cake. It’s too sticky, slimy and weird.

Wes may love wrapping paper more than the present inside.

Opening presents on his actual birthday

Wes has a pretty amazing, loving & funny family. (And even has Indian “parents” who came to celebrate his birth!)

Leah’s family with the Lalls at Wes’ birthday dinner


Goofy relatives

We have some “cool” friends.

Muhammad, what what

Jacobs finding some shade

Did you get it? haha

A city-wide water ban is no fun for kids.

Wes and his cousin Anna testing out the water table

Bebe approves!

And our friends are talented artists.

Party attendees predict Wes’ future in a fun board book

I’m sad that I didn’t bring out the camera until later, so I didn’t get photos of the fondue, decorations and cake. Or all the kids playing in the baby pools and water splashing everywhere. But you can certainly see how many people love this little guy. And all that DEAD GRASS.

It was a super fun week. My little boy, who is now in the 75th percentile for weight (he keeps dropping!) and 50th for height, isn’t so little anymore. And you know what? I like it. I’m okay with that. I’m excited to experience his growth into toddlerhood. Let there be many more birthday celebrations! (But maybe not quite this big.)

Click here to see his Month 12 photos.

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