Big Green Couch

I love our green couch and love seat. So much happens there every day. We may be terrible in that we let our dogs lounge all over the couch, but it’s their domain. We spend a lot of time on those couches – eating, reading, playing with Wes, snuggling, fighting sickness and sleeping there when contracting every 10 minutes.

The couch is in every other photo taken, it seems. Photos taken when friends visit feature the green couch. We’re sitting, chatting, playing a board game or posing for a group shot. When Wes has a monthly milestone and it’s photo time, we usually start out from or end up on the green couch.

The green couch is now 5 years old. We purchased the set with leftover wedding money, and I remember squealing when I saw it. My favorite color. Green is the color of growth, new life and new beginnings. My eyes are sometimes green (when I’m wearing green). My birthstone is an emerald.

Frankly, it’s a pain to clean. Microfiber picks up everything, including dog hair and dog smells. It has its share of cookie crumbs, spit up and slobber embedded deep within the fabric. (It does get a deep RugDoctor cleaning every so often.) I knew it would become outdated quickly, since it wasn’t brown, leather or plain. But we got it anyway.

I’m so glad that Wes will have “that green couch” in all of his baby photos. So many memories are made on that piece of furniture.

Posted: May 25th, 2012
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