8 months

8.5 months

Nearly 3 weeks late, I finally took photos of Wes at 8 months old. It’s probably because Months 7-8 have been my favorite thus far and I’ve been too busy playing with the cute little guy. Wes is sleeping really well – both at night and at nap times – and it makes a world of difference in his mood. He has been happy, playful and super entertaining the last 6 weeks. He loves his parents, his dogs and his grandparents. He recognizes people he sees on a regular basis, and he greets almost everyone with an adorable, toothy grin.

This weekend has been Drool City because the top front teeth have begun their emergence. I can already glimpse what cute smiles await in the very near future!

We’re still battling Operations Rollover and Crawl. Tummy time is pretty much Wes’ least favorite thing in the whole world. The good news is that he will slooooowly inch backwards with his arms, and he will tolerate – and even rock slightly – when helped onto his knees. I told a friend recently that I can’t even fathom dealing with the really difficult issues of Wes’ childhood & adolescence… this is hard enough!

Several other pieces of news to share from the Shattuck household in a later post, but until then, enjoy Photo Shoot 8!

Posted: April 1st, 2012
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