7 months

Two new (unfortunate) things have developed in the last week and since Wes turned 7 months old.

1) Wes gets overwhelmed. His babysitter has been saying this for a while, but I hadn’t witnessed it until recently. If he is around kids older than him or if there is more than one or two rambunctious children nearby, he becomes super clingy and irritable. Adult company and quiet(er) kids are fine.

2) Scream-crying. Usually this starts when he is hungry and happens to see a bottle (full or empty) within his line of sight. Solid foods, at this point, are useless, and you better shove a bottle in his mouth as soon as physically possible, or else you’ll regret it.

Last night he went to bed as normal. He gets tired soon in the evening and quickly turns into a pumpkin. Thankfully, he can put himself to sleep easily anywhere between 6:30-7:30 p.m., and in this case, he was asleep by 6:15. It worked out well because I had plans to get together with friends for a movie night – I even stayed out way past my usual bedtime, and he was still sound asleep until the scream-crying started at 2 a.m.

Now, he has always woken up 2-3 times each night, but easily falls back asleep with my coaxing or nursing. I went in to do my usual routine, and he settled back down for 5 minutes and began crying again. After 3 more attempts over the next hour, I gave up and brought him into bed with us. This worked for about 40 minutes, but to avoid a lengthy story, we didn’t sleep much.

Guess it’s time to seriously tackle the night waking issue. And those ear plugs that I bought during sleep training will now get used. I am so thankful that he puts himself to sleep at the beginning of the night and has a fairly consistent nap schedule. Here’s hoping this works in our favor and it doesn’t take much to get over this bump in the road.

On a lighter note, check out these adorable photos of Wes at 7 months! He continues to be a happy, pleasant, laid back kid – provided he’s near his mom & dad, food and gets ample sleep. 😛

Posted: February 26th, 2012
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Comment from Rachel H - February 27, 2012 at 11:04 am

So, I’m guessing a crazy 3 year olds birthday party would not be easy for this little guy, huh?


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