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As told by Wes: 15 months

It started out rough. These hard white things kept appearing in my mouth. They’re like really really hard and tasteless crackers that won’t go away and you can’t ever swallow them. And man, do they hurt. And the more they kept showing up, the less I could sleep. I felt like a walking zombie.

Mom got pretty exhausted by me, I know. But seriously, nothing else sounded appetizing except Cheerios. And so what if I’m snotty? It’s gonna just keep coming, so it really doesn’t make sense to wipe off my face all the time.

But it got better. I started sleeping better again, too. And I had time to focus my energy on moving these stumps of legs again. All these adults think it’s so great when I do this thing where I move one leg in front of the other. It’s tough, but man, do I ever get lots of smiles and laughs! I’m pretty close to trying it without hanging on to one of them.

I even figured out a way to get around for the time being.

The adults also like it if I try to repeat words to them. Seems it help, too, because they’re giving me the things I want. Finally. So I’m telling them about the motion of a ball in different reference frames, how clocks work, the history of the model car and so forth. It seems to make them happy.

And last weekend, we went to a farm that was growing a strange kind of orange ball. We ended up taking home 3 of them of various sizes, but they’re still sitting on the front porch. I don’t understand the point of the phototaking with these things, but it was still a fun day with the ‘rents.

Seems to me each month that passes gets easier to live with Mom & Dad. They’re pretty cool, I guess.

Posted: October 18th, 2012
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