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A Book A Month

I’ve decided that one simple way I can encourage Wes to enjoy reading is to give him a new book each month. As a child, I liked books, but I didn’t really discover how amazing they are until late middle school and early high school. I feel like I missed out on some great stuff. Of course, now it’s one of my absolute favorite pastimes. The way Wes studies every single thing, including books – this could be the start of something wonderful we share in common.

I’m starting a new list of books each July around his birthday. So, here are the winners for this year!

August: Wes is beginning to make basic signs, so this will help encourage him along in a cute way.


September: Our Hilton Head vacation starts over Labor Day! I hear there are dolphins everywhere.


October: We live in Irvington. This BabyLit series is awesome.


November: Touch and texture books are Wes’ favorites right now. And getting him into art at a young age is fantastic!


December: A simple, sweet texture book of Jesus’ birthday.


January: This is really for me. A Pantone book for babies?! Heck yes! Wes will certainly know what PMS 165 looks like.


February: Who doesn’t love Boynton? And a lovable song involving puppies is perfect for Valentine’s Day.


March: I had to throw in a classic. Richard Scarry is a favorite, and this is great for Easter!


April: A fun Haiku talking about the different seasons. Winner!


May: Uh, yes! June: I’m surprised we don’t own this one yet. A must! Especially with all the zoo trips over the summer. July: I call Wes pretty much every foodie nickname in this book. Fun!

Of course, there are lots others that I may sneak in for Christmas and birthday presents… and I’ve started lists for ages 2, 3 and 4, haha. What are your favorite infant and toddler books? Is there anything I should make sure to include on this list?

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Day 365+

One year! Crazy.

The week was a true birthday marathon. We got to celebrate Wesley’s life with so many friends and family. It was perfect. And I came to the realization of several things:

Wes is not a fan of cake. It’s too sticky, slimy and weird.

Wes may love wrapping paper more than the present inside.

Opening presents on his actual birthday

Wes has a pretty amazing, loving & funny family. (And even has Indian “parents” who came to celebrate his birth!)

Leah’s family with the Lalls at Wes’ birthday dinner


Goofy relatives

We have some “cool” friends.

Muhammad, what what

Jacobs finding some shade

Did you get it? haha

A city-wide water ban is no fun for kids.

Wes and his cousin Anna testing out the water table

Bebe approves!

And our friends are talented artists.

Party attendees predict Wes’ future in a fun board book

I’m sad that I didn’t bring out the camera until later, so I didn’t get photos of the fondue, decorations and cake. Or all the kids playing in the baby pools and water splashing everywhere. But you can certainly see how many people love this little guy. And all that DEAD GRASS.

It was a super fun week. My little boy, who is now in the 75th percentile for weight (he keeps dropping!) and 50th for height, isn’t so little anymore. And you know what? I like it. I’m okay with that. I’m excited to experience his growth into toddlerhood. Let there be many more birthday celebrations! (But maybe not quite this big.)

Click here to see his Month 12 photos.

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40 Years

Today is my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. That’s crazy to think about, right? I am pretty dumbfounded by it. I mean, it’s one thing to celebrate your grandparents’ wedding anniversary in the x0-th year, but I find that many of my friends, colleagues and other peers don’t have their original, intact parents still married to each other. 40 years! Whew.

To celebrate, my sister and I put together a little fun surprise for them. I can’t take credit for the idea, as it was found on Pinterest. But we did put a little spin on it to make it more like us. We sent a note and self addressed and stamped postcard to 40 friends and family that have known Mom and Dad throughout their marriage. The idea is to send snippets of memories through the mail that my parents will collect into an album we’re giving as their anniversary present. Each postcard is numbered for every year they’ve been married. They’ve become – my father, especially – very nostalgic, so I think they’re going to love receiving memories for the next several weeks.

My parents are pretty great. They deserve another 40 wonderful years together!

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We often get asked, “Who does Wes look like?” from people who didn’t know me or Steven as children. And those who knew Steven before me think he looks like Steven and vice versa. If you look at my baby pictures, Wes looks an awful lot like I did. But he also has quite a bit of his father’s mother’s side of the family in him. Not to mention that he takes after many of my mom’s family’s traits. Genetics are intriguing.

We’ve had a few people say that Wes reminds them of a celebrity, but to pinpoint WHO it is has been the difficulty. Here are two we have been told he looks like.

Too, too funny. Wilford Brimley, the diabeTUS man? LOLZ, I really hope Wes decides (or inherited enough) to grow a mustache as fabulous as his.

Who do you think he looks like?

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Scoot over, World!

I’ve been home with Wes this afternoon. He’s been getting more and more frustrated that he can’t reach toys across the room or balls that have rolled away. Looky, looky what I caught on video!

It’s a very small scoot-crawl, but it’s there! I’ve heard it goes fast from here. Those baby gates I installed 6 months ago may actually come to use (outside of keeping the dogs in the kitchen)! Ironically, he starts therapy next week, haha. My little genius.

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Dear Wesley

A letter to my almost one-year-old.

Dear Wesley,

I sit down to write type this letter and have no words to describe just how much we love you. Literally, I’m at a loss for words.

This year has flown by, but yet each day has passed slowly so that we can savor every moment with you. Your smile is contagious, when you’re not busy discovering or studying whatever is in front of you. When it’s just you, me, daddy and the doggies, you are happy and relaxed and easy to please. You’re very much like your father that way – homebodies (homebuddies?).  I imagine it may become a struggle to get you two out of the house in years to come.

I often worry about your development unnecessarily. You’ll have to forgive me; I’m new at this, just as you are. I thank you for giving me plenty of reasons to trust God and put my faith in Him. He has provided organizations like First Steps to help you along with gross motor and social skills. You may not understand why we’re taking this proactive approach until you’re much older, but I am glad to know you are in great hands!

You have made me a slower,  kinder, gentler person. You have made your father proud. You have given Jake and Lucy another member of their pack. All of our hearts are bigger because of your presence. Do you even realize how much you affect those around you?

We love how you pick up new “skills” and tricks almost daily. You love to hang upside-down, play rough with Dad and yank on the dogs’ tails and ears. You seem to practice a new consonant sound every week, and those teeth! They pop up ridiculously. I think you’re starting on molars now. Here’s a newly developed skill, dancing:

I’m so excited about this next year with you. It’s been fun to see your changes and advances as you continue to grow and mature into a little person. Sometimes I forget that you’re OURS, and that we don’t have to return you someplace. Forever and ever, you’re our son.

Your great grandma Fernsler used to always tell me, “Grandma loves you.” I miss her, but I know she’s with Jesus, and she’ll be so excited to meet you someday. I find myself telling you many times throughout the day – sometimes even with watery eyes, “Mama loves you,” just as my grandma did.


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The Fourth

Last year at this time, I was hugely pregnant and we had spent the afternoon visiting our friends in the hospital – who had just given birth to Wes’ bestie Beatrice. Steven and I decided that since they couldn’t celebrate the Fourth past the view from the hospital window, we’d bring the festivities to them.

This year, we have a nearly one-year-old son. Crazy how just a year can change so many things! It’s not been as festive as it could be, but we have many years to enjoy our day of patriotism and freedom. Here’s how we’ve spent the day:

This door OPENS?!

Woke up at the usual time. I swear, the dogs are worse than Wes about sleeping in. All I did was turn to scratch my nose and they jumped out of bed and were ready to start the day. No kidding. And of course Wes is a light sleeper and hears them bounding down the hardwood floors every morning, including today’s… so we were up at 6:30.

Wes played and discovered new things about the living room while Steven and I enjoyed coffee and the marvelous sun that comes through our big picture window. Wes was so excited to have us both home that he didn’t nap well after breakfast – 45 minutes tops. Instead, we walked to one of our favorite local spots for a late breakfast, Historic Steer-In (was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in 2010!), where Wes munched on pancakes and tater tots. After another failed afternoon nap, we headed to a friends’ board game-and-BBQ party. Great fun, but Wes was feeling the effects of not sleeping, so we headed back home and put him to bed before 7 p.m.


So much for a trip downtown to see the fireworks! We’ll be watching them on TV tonight in our jammies and snuggling with the dogs. No beating traffic or trying to find port-a-potties until next year.

Thank you, veterans, for allowing me the freedom to spend my day relaxing with wonderful people. My family appreciates it greatly, and it should be expressed more than just once a year.

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