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Uh Oh

Posted: June 24th, 2012
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11 Months Already?

Our boy is nearing on a year old. It’s been a fast yet slow 11 months. The days have passed quickly, but I feel that we’ve gotten somewhat lucky in that he’s lingered in the baby stage unlike several of the other around-one-year-olds we know. Yes, I’ve been worried (as a new mom should be) about his delays in gross motor skills. But, looking back, I’ve had a non-mobile kid who loves to sit with us, play and cuddle with us, and just be nearby without getting into too much stuff/trouble/danger. While I’m ready for him to enter toddlerhood, I’m thankful for this long(er) infant phase. I’ve got to soak up these fleeting cuddle sessions as much as I can!

Here’s a few noteworthy new Wes-isms of Month 11:

  1. Waving bye-bye nearly every time we enter a new room. I’m not sure he really understands what “goodbye” really means, ha.
  2. Using his pointer finger to check out and discover the world. No, not to point AT things, but he loves to stick his finger into the little holes screws sit in on all his plastic battery-operated toys. He points ON the dogs’ ears, the rug, knobs and pretty much anything he can reach these days. (see video below)
  3. Pivoting onto his knees from a sitting position. If a ball rolls just out of reach, he will now turn his hips so that he ends up on his hands with one knee on the floor. Still doesn’t quite know what to do with the crossed leg in the way, but it’s one step closer to crawling!
  4. Clapping. All the time.
  5. Making underwater noises with his fingers and mouth. I’m not really sure what that sound is called, technically. It’s not a “raspberry,” but I’m sure you know what I mean by “underwater sound.” Wes faces his palm toward his chin and uses all of his fingers to brush his bottom lip while he hums. In fact, Steven and Wes now have a little mimicking game where one will start and the other will call back with his own lips. Cuteness abounds.
  6. Saying a very basic form of “doggy” and “daddy.” He lights up when the dogs are in the room and screams, “DAH DAH” and then “GEEE.” It’s pretty similar when he sees Steven walk through the door.
  7. Playing the “Uh Oh” game. He loves to throw toys and food to the ground and then say, “uh uh ohhhhh” over and over again. It’s pretty much the cutest thing you’ll ever see.
  8. Spitting applesauce all over Mommy. Nothing else needs to be said here.

We are meeting with First Steps later this week to evaluate his gross motor skill development. It may be that he’s just indeed slow to progress, but I feel better knowing whether or not he would benefit with some physical therapy assistance. Who knows? Maybe by the time we head to the beach over Labor Day, he’ll be walking all over the place! Wouldn’t that be a major change around this house?

Enjoy his 11 Month photos here.

Posted: June 23rd, 2012
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Evening Games with Mama

He’s becoming a ham. Darling!

Posted: June 22nd, 2012
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Summer Solstice

The evenings of the two longest days of the year have been the epitome of what I believe summer is all about. Last night we had dinner outside on the grill. It sprinkled, and Wes found it amusing. The dogs lounged in the dead, prickly grass while we laughed with a happy, clapping baby.


Tonight Wes was in such a good mood that we decided to break out the bikes. I recently got a WeeRide, and we took the inaugural test drive. Success!

Minimal experiences make parenting pretty great.

Posted: June 22nd, 2012
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Cradle C(r)ap

"Mom, you're the worst."

From Day 1 we’ve battled a flakey, scaley, really gross & dry scalp on poor little Wesley’s head. At first his skin was so soft that just brushing it took all the patches off his head. But now it’s become a major problem that I just can’t seem to tackle. I’ve tried petroleum jelly (PS – did you know that petroleum jelly was found in oil rigs and annoyed the workers because it caused equipment to malfunction? But it healed their wounds. I love random facts like that.), and that just makes a big ole mess everywhere and stains bedding, and a baking soda paste. The baking soda seems to work, but only for a few days at a time. Wes pretty much hates when I make him sit still to apply the goop and wait for it to dry before getting a bath. That part, he loves.

I’ve had people on Facebook tell me to try mineral oils. What type do you start with? Almond? Tea tree? Olive? I have no idea, and do you just pour it on and let it soak? I don’t trust that I won’t get it in his eyes and then have a screaming mess. Does cradle cap go away eventually? I mean, I don’t know any 5-year-olds with this problem.

Also, I have a confession: I don’t give regular baths to Wes. Babies don’t really get dirty, right? Especially Wes – he’s not very mobile. I think I give him a bath every other week, and I know that probably makes me a terrible mom. I don’t really know why this happens (or doesn’t, rather). Early on, I suppose I was worried about drying out his skin even more than it already was. But now there really isn’t any excuse. He loves baths. And he probably needs them more often. Well, since I’m on Operation Tackle Cradle Cap again, I guess he’ll be getting more of them anyway.

Front porch bath

Posted: June 11th, 2012
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Mid-Year Updates

Leah – Been working full time since Janaury as Outreach Manager at Joy’s House. She is still singing on the praise team at church, though not as often as before, which has allowed for nice, non-rushed Sunday mornings with a baby. She still enjoys painting as a hobby, though the Year 4 Collage Painting is still unfinished since last August, so she better get on that before too long.

Steven – Has been working for Slingshot SEO since February as Community Manager. He’s since been knighted as employee of the month (got to wear a cape, too!) was on a panel for a social media conference and asked to join a council of employees. Steven has done really well and I’m proud of his achievements over these few months. He’s also gearing up to be the VBS “mascot” at church again this year – now as Rocketman.

Wes – At 10 months old & some change, he’s eating finger foods really well – especially bread, bananas and crackers. He can drink from his sippy cup and hold a bottle by himself. He’s scooting backwards and turning in circles on his stomach! Sometimes he gets stuck under the couch or between furniture legs. He’s sporting 5 adorable teeth and working on 3 more. He’s 24 lbs and fits into 9-18 month clothes. He loves to talk and laugh to himself, especially at bed and nap time in his crib. Jake and Lucy, the dogs, are his best friends. He’s so serious and studious (see video below), even though he’s a pleasant, happy baby. He can spend nearly an hour looking at, feeling and discovering the properties of a rug. Splashing in a tub is an educational time, trying to figure out how the water gets in the air. And yet he loves to clap, dance and sing along to familiar songs. He has one long, slightly curly lock of hair behind his right ear. (You can view his 10 Month photos here.)

Jake – The Italian Greyhound is 6 years old. He’s getting gray and white all over his head and back. He’s the dominate dog in the house at 12 lbs, but he’d prefer to be king of the family. He prances around the back yard and has trained Lucy to wait until he’s finished eating before she can get a bite to eat.

Lucy – Our beloved, sweet natured stray girl is 2 years old. She likely has developed some of her bad habits from Jake (begging for food, stealing said food off your plate, walking all over the couch and burying within a blanket). She keeps her eye on Wes all the time. If he cries or falls, she instantly finds me – either literally or with her eyes – to make sure he’s been attended to.

House – The neighbors to the south of us sold their house within a week of listing it. We’ll miss them. It’s stirred up the curiousity of moving ourselves to another house within my crazy brain. At some point, Steven and I may purchase my parent’s house, but the timing isn’t right. Given the extent of our busy year, we’ll see if this is a possibility in the future.

Vacation – Labor Day can’t come soon enough! We’re headed to Hilton Head for a week in September. Can’t wait to bike all over the island and lounge in the sand with Wes. I know he’ll love feeling, touching and examining the sand between his toes.

Family – I’m thrilled to announce that we’ll have another niece or nephew this October! My sister is pregnant with her third baby, healthy and thriving, yet stubborn enough to hide his or her gender from the ultrasound tech. I’m excited because Wes will have the chance to be around a little baby cousin, and I love that all of his cousins on both sides will be able to grow up together. I love being so close in age with all of my first cousins, and getting together with them is always a great time. Thankful that Wes has this opportunity as well.

This video captures Wes on a daily basis. He spends minutes at a time discovering the world with his hands. Who knew a register could emit such interesting music?

Posted: June 2nd, 2012
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