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Robot Photo Shoot

Same face

Ended up working from home today, and as we all know, it’s difficult to get much accomplished with an awake baby. His 6 month photos were way overdue, so even though it’s a gray day & the only camera laying around was the old, standby Kodak, we attempted Robot Photo Shoot.

I wish the photo quality was better, but his toothy grin and dimpled cheek (yes, that’s singular) still shines through. And Pink Robot, who lives in his nursery, was a welcome addition.

Check out the full set here.


Posted: January 26th, 2012
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Six Months

Weight: 21.9 lbs (97th percentile)

Height: 26″ (50th percentile)

Head: 43 cm (25th percentile)

I find it funny that this child has such a large body and a small head. I mean, I have to wear kids’ sunglasses because of how small my head is, but I wasn’t nearly this huge. Ped wasn’t concerned (like me) that he has no interest in rolling over. Apparently it’s one of the most common skipped milestones! He truly has little interest in the fact that his toy just out of reach and won’t roll to get it. I can imagine him thinking, “oh well. I’ll just look at my awesome hands.” The fact that he’s doing well with sitting up and continually improving his hand/eye coordination means we’ve survived another few months!

We’re starting a few baby signs this month. The sign for Daddy allows you to spread your fingers like a “5” and tap your thumb to your forehead, like a 6-year-old’s impression of a silly face. Somehow this seems fitting…

Wes is destined to have a slightly flat head. The ped isn’t worried about it, but it’s likely he won’t have much hair to cover it for another year or so, and then he will probably lose it again later (early) in life. I noticed,¬†after digging through my hair “cleaned” with dry shampoo for the umpteeth day, that I, too, have a slight flat spot. Poor kid – with his parents’ genes, the odds are against him!

I was talking to my mom this morning about Wes’ 6 month stats & weird quirks, and she said, “I remember thinking with you girls that I would have never traded you in for anything different. You were perfect.” Yeah, he is my perfect little imperfect boy. No one could fill his shoes that he doesn’t wear yet.

Isn’t that how God views us?

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Going-on-6-months is totally fun. Lots of grabbing, mouthing, talking (guuuuhhAHHH!), laughing and just darn cuteness. All 21 pounds of him is pure love. Daddy may be the funniest person ever, but I get the hands down best open mouth kisses in the world. Did’ya notice the new teeth?

Posted: January 14th, 2012
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