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38 weeks

My appointment went well today. I love how the staff know my name and I don’t have to sign in anymore. They just give me a thumbs up and I take my seat. Jody, my NP, waves or says hello in such a causal, friendly way – even if I’m seeing the doc instead of her that week (I switch each visit by seeing my OB or NP). Typically I’m in and out within 20 minutes.

My doc said he’s on call this weekend, and he wouldn’t mind delivering Wes over the holiday. Though I highly doubt I’ll be laboring within the next few days, it was a fun exchange of words; I really think he enjoys me and Steven. He called me a former “interesting case” – meaning that my episode a few weeks back put my charts higher on the reviewed list. “It’s an old saying that you don’t want to be an interesting patient,” he said to me. Thankfully I’m now “normal” again, but I’d like to think that I’m still somewhat interesting to them – in a non-medical way.

  • Heartbeat, Measurements, Blood Pressure: Still good. 110/something (me), 130’s (Wes). I really have no idea how to read or monitor blood pressure. I’m actually measuring about 1.5 cm smaller than normal, but Wes is certainly long and thriving.
  • Weight Gain: Not quite one pound gained. Still, I feel like a whale some days.
  • Movement: He’s a squirmy guy. It will certainly be interesting to see how he is once he has the room to stretch and expand.
  • Dilation: No change for the last 2 weeks. Ugh. However, he has dropped slowly into the pelvis, so I’m starting to feel “head pressure” on my bladder, which is interesting to say the least.
  • Cravings: TCBY White Chocolate Mousse frozen yogurt. And Drumsticks.
  • Moods: Mostly okay – much better than last week. I’ve been pretty cranky today, however, given the fact that I’m not progressing in dilation and such. I know I still have 2 weeks, so I shouldn’t be too bummed, but I truly surprised myself with my attitude after the appointment was over. Maybe I’m much more ready for this pregnancy phase to be over with than I realized!
  • Biggest Gripe: Oh, my kankles. They may be amusing to some, but they hurt like nothing else. They look like balloons and turn white to the touch. I’ve had to keep my legs propped up all week at work, which has been a challenge and provided much laughter for the staff. Thank goodness I’m not pregnant all summer long.
  • Biggest Like: Nesting. I’ve enjoyed putting together the baby gear and furniture, organizing his closets and imagining a little person using all this STUFF. Steven has been a huge help in getting all the clothes and fabrics washed, folded and put away.

To do this week: Pack my bags! Doc says I’m right on target (even though I feel like I’m behind after sitting at 2 cm for 3 weeks), and since Wes is comfortably in position, I could possibly give birth ON TIME with a very slight chance of early delivery. Hooray! I truly don’t want to wait longer than the due date and have to be induced. I guess only time will tell what is Baby’s Plan. One more week working in the office, then I’m able to sit in pj’s with my laptop until D Day. I’m looking forward to the days at home that I can work on miscellaneous projects (aka put on the backburner) for Joy’s House.

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37 weeks

36 weeks

Crazy to think that Wes will be here within 3 weeks. (Hopefully.) I’ve had people tell me I look huge, small for my size, that I must be carrying more than one and that I’m definitely delivering early. So many different opinions – and most everyone is vocal and unphased by telling me their predictions. I guess toting around a large belly is similar to walking a dog (especially Jake, the Italian Greyhound): it screams, “talk to me about your experience!” For the most part, I enjoy hearing what people think and have to say. It’s interesting to hear how wonderful or how terrible their pregnancies were, or their sister’s or cousin’s or aunt’s or friend-who-lives-out-of-town’s.

36 weeks

I had my 37w1d appointment yesterday, and everything looks good. I’m stealing this stats idea from my prego friend, Julia, who was due on Thursday and has yet to welcome little Beatrice into the world. We’ve concluded that Wes and B will either be best friends or end up getting married, since they’ll live just blocks apart and grow up together. Oh my, what if they have the same birthday?!

  • Heartbeat, Measurements, Blood Pressure: Excellent. Except for my weird migraine/hospital experience, I’ve had perfect blood pressure throughout the pregnancy.
  • Weight Gain: Up four pounds since last week! Whoops. I guess I can blame it on Wes – he’s storing looooots of fat this week until birth.
  • Movement: Active! He definitely has less room to move around, so no more somersaults, but he has a specific place under my ribs that he think is perfect for his little heels. Ouch.
  • Dilation: 2 cm, 50% effaced, -2 (this hasn’t changed since last week)
  • Cravings: Chocolate and ice cream, per usual. This week: Arby’s curly fries.
  • Moods: Hormonal, like whoa. I cried for 2 hours straight at work yesterday with little luck in stopping it. It freaks people out when I tell them through tears, “I’m really ok!”
  • Biggest Gripe: Child care. Whew. This has been a major headache this week. Every place I fall in love with (can you fall in love with a daycare?) is full until NEXT FALL. Seriously, are people calling to book their kids before they’re even pregnant? I don’t get it. I have a few miscellaneous options with individuals and friends who might be able to watch Wes for two days while I work, and I’m praying like crazy that something works out before I freak out again.
  • Biggest Like: My husband’s giggles. I had contractions for a solid 45 minutes about 3-4 minutes apart on Tuesday night. This is the first time I’ve actually FELT them. Steven kept placing his hands on the hard spots of my belly while they happened, and he had the biggest, goofiest smile on his face. He is so in love with this baby, and I can’t wait to watch him enter Cool Dad role.

Next on my agenda today is preregistering myself at the hospital. I tried to do this a few months ago, but it seemed so complicated. Here’s hoping I can figure out the online form today. The dogs are antsy for Steven to wake up – who I’m letting sleep in after his long evening of a “man shower” (dinner, Indianapolis Indians game and diapers with some buds) – and I have a feeling this won’t get completed today.

I have one last shower this afternoon with friends and neighbors today! I can’t believe all the wonderful gifts Wesley has received. So many people are anxious for this baby to arrive, and I can tell how much he is loved by those that we love. It won’t be long now before we can all stare at his perfect little face.

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Complicated Morning, Complicated Migraine

On Thursday morning, I lost my peripheral vision in my right eye as I was typing a document. I thought I had just stood up and sat down too fast or something along those lines, so I got up and walked around the office to shake it off. It felt as if I had just walked inside after a bright, sunny day, and my eyes were unable to focus, even though they were not dilated. I called my eye doctor to see if they could check out my eyes that morning, but they were unable to see me until after 5pm that day. After 10 minutes of no recovery, I told one of my coworkers what was happening. By this point, my right eye’s vision was more like specks and floaties – similar to what you see before fainting. I had tried minutes before to tell Steven what was happening via Gchat, and I found that I was typing completely wrong words – not just typos.

My coworkers (bless them), convinced me to call my OB and tell them what was happening. At 34 weeks pregnant, you can’t be too careful. They asked me to get to the office as quickly as possible and to have a coworker drive me there. Laura and I got in the car, and on the way over, I tried to give her directions to the hospital. My nouns were gone. I felt like a person with a dementia diagnosis. I could explain to an extent, but I just couldn’t come up with the correct words to describe. It was scary, frustrating and completely frightening. We knew something was majorly wrong.

By the time we got to the Women’s Center at Community East, my vision had returned, and my speech was improving. They took my blood pressure, which was extremely high, and based on my other strange events, wheeled me to Labor & Delivery to check out my labs and continue monitoring my blood pressure. They were highly concerned it was the onset of preeclampsia.

Thankfully my labs came back normal, and my blood pressure was dropping, but I was contracting every 2 minutes (didn’t feel it at all!), and they decided to keep me for 24 hours just to make sure it wasn’t anything more serious.

The nursing staff was amazing and checked on me periodically to make sure I was comfortable and feeling well. I had a slight headache all day, but I was seeing and speaking fine after the initial episode, which lasted about an hour or so that morning.

My OB came in that evening to debrief his findings. At that point, he wasn’t convinced it was preeclampsia, but he wanted me to stay and talk to a neurologist because though my symptoms didn’t look like an obstetrics issue, pregnant women are more likely to have blood clots, headaches and migraines that can affect many areas in the brain. He ordered an MRI, which turned back normal.

I spent the night and was consistently monitored to watch Wesley’s heartbeat and movements. I’m pleased to say that he’s in wonderful health, and this had no affect on him whatsoever. I enjoyed hearing his little heartbeat, occasional hiccups and watching his heart rate increase as he shifted positions. This monitor definitely opened my eyes to be more aware of My Little Person. He provided much comfort and security during a scary, uncertain few hours.

After a night in a hospital bed, my nurse practitioner came in to tell me that they had talked to the neurologist, and she was going to see me at some point that day to go over her findings and prognosis. If the neurologist was fine with my discharge, then I would be cleared to leave.

Thankfully, the nurses, my OB and NP were growing less worried that it was a pregnancy issue, which helped calm my nervous considerably, and I felt in good health all day. Mom and I enjoyed watching bad shows on TLC all day until the neurologist came.

She had great things to say: if you have had even one migraine in the past (which, I had several in middle and high school years), you are more likely to develop a “complicated migraine,” which can affect cognitive, speech, vision and temporary paralysis. She said that some patients look as if they have had a stroke, when it has, in fact, been a complicated migraine. In addition, pregnancy can make its occurrence even more likely because of increased blood flow, chance of clots, etc.

Even more interesting: Mom had a strange series of events in January that caused areas of her face and arms to go numb for several minutes at a time. She was hospitalized for 3 days to conduct a series of tests to rule out stroke, clots and other more serious issues. Once we brought this to the attention of the neurologist, she said, “That was most likely a complicated migraine as well. In fact, once you start quizzing patients with this particular migraine, you can always find a relative in the family who has had a similar occurrence.”

This was the weirdest, scariest and most frightening situation I have experienced. I now know firsthand what it must be like to live with a dementia diagnosis. My encounters certainly placed me closer to understanding our Guests at Joy’s House. If you haven’t yet seen this youtube clip of a similar situation that happened to a news reporter on air, relive what I experienced briefly on Thursday morning:

I am happy to report that I was discharged around 5pm on Friday, and I do not have preeclampsia. I do have a scheduled EEG next week to double check there isn’t any risk for seizure, but the neurologist is pretty confident of the complicated migraine diagnosis. Most likely, I will not receive another one, but there is a chance, and I have been asked to limit the amount of stress in my life until the baby is born. This doesn’t mean that I can’t resume normal activity, but I have to keep a better eye on my sleep patterns, what I’m consuming and how much I’m doing.

I can’t say enough great words about Community East. They have treated me with the upmost care and respect, and I have great reports on my the nurses in Maternity Services, the MRI techs, the transfer techs, even the room service staff! Some of the nurses pulled me aside when I was discharged, saying that they loved having me on their floor, and they can’t wait to meet little Wesley in 6 weeks!

Thanks to my loving husband, my awesome coworkers (especially Laura, for driving me to the hospital and staying while they figured out where I was headed), my dedicated parents and all the uplifting prayers and support from friends and relatives during my scary few hours in the hospital!

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