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2010 Recap and an Announcement

So much has happened this year, and more is going to happen in 2011. LOTS of changes, in fact, we’ll be adding a member of the family come July. No, not another furry friend. This is the kind that walks, talks and takes your last name:

Briefly, let me fill you in on what’s happened in the last year. We have a new dog: Lucy, who is a total 65-lbs of sweetheart. She was found as a stray in Ellenberger Park in April, and since we couldn’t locate the owners of the cute little 5-month-old puppy, we kept her. She loves Jake, but Jake doesn’t care so much for her.

I (Leah) am still working at Joy’s House, an adult day center in Broad Ripple for older adults and those living with physical and mental challenges like Alzheimer’s and dementia. I design, create, promote, fundraise, plan events and all kinds of fun in my position as Outreach Coordinator. I’m in love with my job, and I couldn’t be happier or more stretched in my abilities. I’m always learning and surprising myself! What more could you ask for?

Steven worked as the General Manager for CMC Media Group until November. He is now recently employed with BCFoward, an IT recruiting and consulting firm in Indianapolis and several other locations. He’s responsible for marketing, promotions and social media, which is basically what my job entails! So funny. I’m still figuring out exactly what he does, so I may be wrong and will be later corrected. 🙂

We’re still serving and attending at Castleton Christian Church on the NE side of Indy. I’m on the praise team and Steven helps with the multimedia obligations during the service. He also occasionally makes feature videos for sermon series and events around the congregation.

Steven has been heavily involved in community organizations this year. He has been producing short videos for feature speakers at various community events, helping with the marketing and promotions for Irvington festivities and attending so many different meetings that I can’t keep track of them all. We’re both really proud that he has been able to meet so many wonderful people in the community. We absolutely love the East side, and I highly expect us to be here for a very long time.

Our house has been up for sale since September. We’re not actively trying to sell it – just feeling the waters and seeing if something would happen. Granted, we decided to do this before we knew we would be expecting, so if it doesn’t sell come March, we’ll reevaluate what to do & what makes sense. I’m always finding “dream homes” that I would love to live in or fix up, but I’ve been careful not to fall too much in love in case something doesn’t work out.

So now that you’re up to date, you really just want more details about Baby Shattuck. This is what we know: I’m about 15 weeks along, I’m due in mid July and we WILL find out the gender at some point. (In fact, we have a pretty good guess based on last week’s ultrasound.) No, it’s not something that was in our immediate plans, but God has a way of doing HIS thing on HIS timing. Based on the amount of doors being opened the last few weeks, we fully understand this. We’re excited, and it will be a brand new adventure to explore and discover. Wish us luck, pray for us, and keep in touch!

Here’s to an adventurous 2011!

The Shattucks

Posted: January 17th, 2011
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