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My friend Brian coined the replacement “Exhaustober” for this month, and it’s only fitting.

Two weekends ago was the annual Joy’s House black tie gala, and we raised over $100,000! I’m so happy it went so well, but I can’t say that I’m not thankful for the end of the planning. I had a great committee to help plan the Spanish themed event full of flamenco dancers, silent & live auctions, tapas and red & black decor! This event consumes most of my summer and early fall, and it always pays off big time. John & Julia came with us this year, which made the night that much more fun. Steven says we look pretty dapper here:

This past Saturday the same four of us attended the wedding of Maggie & Paul. Perfect opportunity to re-wear the same dress! We got to reacquaint ourselves with Steven & John’s group of high school friends and their wives. Kyle & Lucia came from Rochester, NY, and happily showed off 3-month-old Cleopatra. Such a fun wedding in Cincy.

Spending the night, we decided to visit Jason, Kelly and the girls on Sunday before we left home for Indianapolis. Anna is doing great and is now up to 8 lbs! Crazy to think that her adjusted age was only 2 days old when we visited (her due date was Oct 15). Alli was getting ready to play soccer and posed for us.

In between the two dress-wearing evenings, I happily celebrated with long time friend Megan. After 15 years of reconstructive surgery on her mouth, jaw and face to remove a tumor when we were 12, she is finally able to have 6 permanent front teeth to replace the sets of not-so-real looking retainers she’s used all this time. This is a really big achievement, so Mom and I decided to throw a party in her honor. Since it’s October, we decided to go with a Jack-o-lantern theme, complete with hard-to-eat foods and a pumpkin cake!

I’m sad (well, maybe not really) to say that the cake cracked in a terrible location before the icing was put on, so Hannah, Mom and I tried to disguise it as best as possible as a Jack-o-lantern mouth. The result is more than comical, which lead me to posting it on Needless to say, we all highly enjoyed the evening!

The rest of October is still a hazy mess of activity. Steven’s affiliation with the Heartland Film Festival got us 10 passes to some great films. Mom loves this time of year because she usually gets to see a day’s worth of movies on her birthday. I’m taking a day off next week to do just that with her. Can’t wait!

Additionally, Steven is busy putting together the last finishing touches on the month-long Irvington Halloween Festival. Starting next week there will be multiple planned activities during the week to attend. Family movie nights at the Irving Theatre and library, performances of Cabaret Poe, Indianapolis Children’s Choir concerts, wine tastings & silent auctions and the Roller Derby will close out our busiest month of the year.

I love October, however crazy it might be. Welcome, fall!

Posted: October 18th, 2010
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