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Anna & Oak(ley)

Today is the first overcast day in what seems like months. The stupid humid blazing heat has been so uncomfortable, and I feel like between the sweaty Shattucks and the dogs, our house consistently smells foul. Granted, it’s still humid, but at least we get a break from the sun.

Our poor, poor garden. It’s really just a bunch of very tall weeds, but they are convincing enough that we didn’t and still haven’t pulled them. We’ve eaten 3 onions, 1 red pepper, and have a cucumber and another red pepper pretty much ready to eat. Our green peppers are, surprise!, actually red peppers.

Alright, I can’t help but mention that poor Jake’s tummy is gurgling and growling worse than mine does on a bad day. What did he get into? I can’t help but laugh. I should probably give him some cottage cheese or something to take the edge off… Meanwhile, Lucy has her head on a couch pillow and is wagging profusely. She really whacks that thing around.

We went to the Irvington Art Walk in Ellenberger Park today. I always forget how many local artists live in our area. So fun. I finally got a print I’ve been wanting for a while from Sadly Harmless. If you’re not a resident of the east side, well, you’re missing out. We have all the fun here!

I suppose this is a good segway into our enduring, but becoming more serious, venture into real estate. I’ve befriended and be-annoyed a local realtor into showing us some houses and talking to use about listing ours. EEK! Now that I’ve written it publicly, I guess that means we’re really doing this. I don’t know why my hobby-turned-reality is so freaking scary, but it’s gets me to biting my nails. We looked at another house in Irvington proper today, but it still didn’t sit right with us. I have a huge crush on a particular house that needs some love – but not structurally. It basically needs wall paper stripping and carpet pulling and some paint jobs. And maybe some kitchen & bath updates. But it’s a house that creeps into my dreams and makes me all giddy inside.

Enough about it. If something I said jinxes the house on Oak Avenue into selling, I’ll be just too sad to bear it. I’ll have to update about this a little later…

Announcing my newest niece, Anna Grace Shattuck! She was born 8/16/2010 at 3:38 pm via c-section. She was only 3.0 lbs and 16″. Mama Kelly is doing well and is continuing dialysis 3 days a week until she can get a kidney transplant. Her blog is updated frequently if you’re curious to follow her story. Steven and I went to Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati on Monday to await her birth. He brought his fancy new video camera along and edited this little video:

And the following day, we celebrated our 3rd anniversary! It’s been a great three years with Mr. Shattuck. Here’s to many, many more!

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