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Bikes, babies and potting soil

April showers brought all kinds of things! We finally ventured over to Indy Bicycle Specialists and got some new wheels for both of us. They’re really nice bikes – not cheapy Walmart bikes – and it’s been great fun to take rides around Little Flower, Community Heights and Irvington.

On one of these rides, we found an old beat up bookshelf without a back at a garage sale. For $5, we decided it would be a good garden box! We purchased some seeds, and we’re now growing green beans, carrots, radishes (weird!), and green peppers. Problem, though – those little carrot seeds get everywhere, and after all this rain, it’s scattered the seeds around all the other boxes, and we now have carrot sprouts everywhere!

On a second ride, we found a house that we’ve taken interest in. As you probably know, I (Leah), watch the housing market fairly well in this area. I just like to know what’s happening and for how much… plus, I like to keep my options open! Several months ago, I found a house that reminded me of the house I grew up in on Central in Broad Ripple. Not really the same layout, but similar era and feel. 3550 square feet/4 Bed/2 Bath.

We rode past it and noticed the for sale sign still there! We stopped to look in the windows, just out of curiosity, and one of the neighbors came outside to tell us a little about the house. The previous owners had taken a job transition to another state, and the company purchased the house from them in order to make the move. It’s been sitting empty, owned by corporate, since Feb 2009. The exterior is beautiful and well kept, but the upstairs is strange and would need attention. We did call our realtor and looked inside the house, and since then we’ve been wondering about all the possibilities there. Part of the attraction is that the house is listed at a lower price than what we currently owe on our house now! Most likely we will update more later on this…

By now you’re probably wondering what the “babies” part is in the title of this post. We recently welcomed 2 new family members. My nephew, Jeremiah Thomas McAdams, was born on April 19 at IU Hospital. He was born with spina bifida, and my sister is doing a great job keeping friends and family updated with his progress. He came home from Riley yesterday, and is doing really well. He’ll have more doctor visits and tests this week to figure out the next step. Visit his CaringBridge site for more information. (You’ll have to register for access.)

Additionally, we have welcomed a new puppy into our lives. Lucy was found as a stray along Michigan Street by one of Steven’s friends. We have been trying to find her owners, but have pretty much decided she’s here to stay. She’s 5.5 months, and probably a lab/pit mix. She has a wonderful temperament, and has been easily housetrained! Amazing! She and Jake have a blast together. Meet Lucy Shattuck.

Posted: May 3rd, 2010
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