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Indy Social Media Happy Hour

Steven and I attended the first ISMHH at Scotty’s Brewhouse downtown tonight. It was great fun to actually meet Twitter friends and make new ones! This social media thing is really kicking off in our little big city, and it’s fun to see how connected we are. Exchanging stories, work info and personal information – all attendees (over 100!) enjoyed great food (waffle fries and dill chips, mmmm!) and put some faces with names.

If you don’t know the power of social media yet – let me explain a perfect scenario.  The Marketing Committee has tasked me to feature an item on, the Joy’s House online donation registry featuring items furnished in the expanded house up for donation. You can select which items to donate based on price range, category or room. So far in the last week, I’ve featured just three items on Facebook and Twitter, and we’ve raised over $1000!

Meetups with people in like-positions such as this make me so excited to be a part of this growing city. I’m very blessed to enjoy my position at Joy’s House, and I love meeting people who share the same passion in their fields. It’s also pretty fun to watch Steven put on his professional face. Hehe.

In other news, I updated my Twitter background this evening! It’s super silly.

Happy birthday to Tina McIntosh, President & Founder of Joy’s House!

Posted: March 22nd, 2010
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Winning Streak

Until this week, the only items I’ve ever won worth noting (I’m omitting free carwashes and Chick-Fil-A meals) are a month’s worth of karate lessons when I was 16 – yes, I have my white belt with 3 degrees – and a funny bubble machine that makes a weird kazoo noise. So, after this week’s events, I’m feeling very lucky indeed.

On Tuesday I decided to change the message on the Joy’s House front sign since it was a beautiful day & the current message at the time felt “stale” and old to me. While assembling the letters, I made sure to pick up the trash scattered around it that was likely covered in snow weeks before. One of the items was an old, discarded lottery ticket that had already been scratched. It was muddy and crinkled, but I didn’t throw it away because I had an inkling about it. I looked for any matches and didn’t see any, but noticed the very top line hadn’t fully be revealed. I took the ticket to the receptionist to get her two cents on it. As we cleared more of the top line, we both shouted, “IT’S A WINNER!”

Yes, I definitely won $10. I was ecstatic and splurged by getting a pizza for dinner.

I remember thinking in the car on the way home, “The only thing that would make this day better is if my Swatch arrived in the mail.” Back up several weeks to the Chicago trip. Steve and I happened upon a Swatch store in one of the malls along the Magnificent Mile. We almost bought ourselves watches, but decided against it because come on, they’re basically plastic “happy meal” watches with cool 80s flair that happen to cost a whoppin’ $50.

You know how I get these ideas to open a franchise and then magically they appear 6-12 months later in the area of question? (I guess that’s another post topic to come.) Well, opening a Swatch store in Indianapolis became my brief GREAT IDEA/obsession for a few weeks. Which, I still think IS a great idea and WILL happen within 10 years (currently there is no store within the Midwest outside of Chicago). Unfortunately contacting Swatch resulted in a email, “We’re sorry, but Swatch stores are opened & owned on a corporate level.”

So, we didn’t get the Swatches in Chicago, and we didn’t open a store in Indianapolis. But, I DID start following them on Twitter and became aware of all kinds of contests I could enter to WIN a Swatch. That’s exactly what I did. asked us to email a photo of your wrist flaunting your favorite watch. I sent an email without a photo saying, “Sadly, I don’t own a watch, which is all the reason to win this contest!” They must have had pity on me because 2 weeks ago I got the winning notification email that a Swatch was on its way to me!

Fastforward to Tuesday. So, the last 2 weeks have been agony because I’ve been waiting impatiently for my Swatch to show up. And TADAA – the best day in the universe, Tuesday – a FedEx package was happily sitting on my front porch.

That brings us to yesterday, Friday. A facebook friend and blogger posted a link to a contest on his blog. With my luck, I figured it couldn’t hurt to enter. Rules were simple: just comment on his blog, and you might win 2 tickets to see OK GO at Earth House downtown. Yep – I got a winning notification email today! Huzzah.

It’s got an expiration date, I know, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the benefits while I can.

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Posted: March 20th, 2010
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YouTube Party 2

I’d like to introduce you to the newest YouTube Party Champion, myself! I won! I’m gladly holding the title until August 6, when the winning video will try to defend its crown at YTP3. I’m a little ashamed of the winner, though – it’s one of those videos that’s terribly funny, but you feel awful for laughing. Given the titles of the Final Four (Lightning Strike Victim, Black Doctor, Jones’ Big-Butt (substituted word) BBQ & Foot Massage & Frozen at Grand Central Station), we all felt like bad people for voting them that far ahead. Thankfully, we all know and love Jesus.

My friend’s live tweets (@BeautifulMess81) from the evening are hilarious:

  • So far, these dorks are voting AGAINST America and Freestyle Rap Translation! Racial profiling! ‘Man Cold’ is still in the running.
  • Asian pranks, kids and animals always win. #youtubeparty
  • ‘Black Doctor’ is in the Final Four! 2nd time I’ve made the Final Four! #youtubeparty
  • This is the best night ever.
  • I will happily take second place to Queen Leah Shattuck! Off to bed I go…..

Perhaps next time I’ll be smart enough to remember to live tweet. We’ve got lots of time to prepare for YTP3. Become a fan on facebook if you’re curious!

YTP2 Champ: Lightning Victim Mess Up Tape (sorry, the embed feature is disabled, so have to suffice with a link)

Click here for the playlist of video contenders from last night’s party.

Posted: March 13th, 2010
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