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Saturday Mornings

…are the best. It’s nearly 1 pm, and we’re just starting our day. I have to credit this to the fact that we have a) awesome jobs, b) no kids and c) super-snuggly animals that love lazy days just as much as we do. The Saturday AM ritual begins around 8:30 and involves coffee, cinnamon rolls, witty comments, laptops and Teen Kids News. Jake usually fights to get both in my lap and under some sort of blanket covering. Kitty likes to sit right beside me or on top of the available lap – and sometimes directly on the laptop keyboard.

I absolutely love these times because I know sometime in the distant future we won’t be able to enjoy such long, relaxing mornings like this.

I’m still taking up useless time searching for additional furry family members. Steve has pretty much convinced me that our household is happy as it is, so I shouldn’t continue “driving myself crazy” looking at countless unwanted, homeless dogs. It’s hard to break a habit.

Chicago¬† with the Flacks and Vincents was super awesome. We spent the weekend at the Amalfi Hotel right in the Magnificent Mile, walking distance to everywhere. Steven and I also now claim the Ice Dancing Champions title for “Most Enthusiastic Ice Skaters” from a public skating contest in Millennium Park. The video of our qualifying ice dance is pretty fabulous. Michaela took some fun, artsy photos of our weekend and posted them on her facebook account. She even captured a rather poignant shot of my philosophical coffee pose.

Of course Steven made his signature 60 Seconds video about our Chicago trip – you can watch “Chicago in 60 Seconds” to see a brief glimpse of our rockin’ weekend!

We’re heading out the door to Cincy to celebrate my niece’s 5th birthday, so this post comes to an abrupt end. More to come.

Posted: February 27th, 2010
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