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Block party

Last night we attended our first neighborhood block party. Our new neighbor across the street coordinated the whole thing, and she’s only lived there for 3 months! A gal on our street is a police woman, so she set up a permit and alerted the city of our barricaded bonfire in the street – however, we still had complaints from enough folks to send out a pair of troopers to check it all out. They were so impressed that a gathering of neighbors were hanging out.

I love this neighborhood, and it was wonderful to place names with faces.


Posted: November 8th, 2009
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A month in 200 words

October came and went. It was a good month, a busy month and a learning month. We have put a handful of miles on our little Aveo, we’ve met some new people, we’ve celebrated and we’ve grown in our current relationships.

I made it through my very first Joy’s House black tie gala, and we raised nearly $90,000! I’m getting more confident in this event planning field, and I know next year will be great and grand with my head held high. Steven even bought a tux for the occasion, which he will get use out of again this week for his Miami Valley Hospital award ceremony dinner video.

John and Julia got married in Goshen earlier this month. Such a fun wedding surrounded by so many wonderful family members and friends! They went with us yesterday to IKEA and loaded their new Rio5 (bought that morning!) with bedroom and kitchen furnishings for their house. It’s been such a blessing to have good friends live just a few blocks away from us. God has his timing perfect.

After reconnecting with a longtime church friend at a chance encounter at Starbucks last year, we’ve been introduced to a group of people that are in the same stages of life as we currently are. Again, God’s timing… perfect.

We closed out the month in style as Team Zissou for Halloween.

November starts with World Series Game 4.

Posted: November 1st, 2009
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